You may be guided by the word categorizing chart on page Include a very brief introduction specifying the organisation or part of an organisation that you have analysed and the HRM approach chosen. Essay outline 2 marks 2. In addition you will continue to develop and reflect on your own personal key skills and experience, including working with others in the TGF activities. The set of B Tutor-Marked Assignments is designed to be studied online from the module website; however, we also provide the document in a printable format in case you want to do some studying offline. Appendices must not be used as a way of exceeding the word limit.

You may well need to deduce its marketing strategy from the information you obtain about its customers, products, etc. The details on each TMA give further details on how marks are allocated. You should not need to contact your chosen organisation directly, especially if you have been gathering information about it for previous TMAs. Essay content mature ideas, supporting details: If you feel that you need to use a different organisation, you should discuss this with your tutor before starting work on the TMA. If there is a good reason why you think you cannot meet a cut-off date you must contact your tutor well before that date to request an extension. There are six easy to follow steps to this.

On this occasion you probably will not need to include a separate conclusion, as your answers to the three essag should each have their own concluding points.

If you experience ta difficulties in deciding which organisation to focus on for future TMAs, now is the time to discuss the options with your tutor. The retail association to which Dixons Retail plc belongs compiles ratios taken from the annual accounts of its members, esswy from other sources, and you have obtained the following recent industry averages for some key ratios: Log In Sign Up.

In answering Question c you can consider the bigger picture of Dixons that you have built up during your case study work to date. It will give them the chance to exercise several of the skills they acquired throughout the course, like practicing process writing skills that help them produce an academic essay, mainly, t,a about the topic, brainstorming, reading about the topic, outlining, drafting, editing for content, proofreading for language and mechanics errors, and rewriting.


Calculate the above ratios 1—7 for Dixons Retail plc for the and periods.

B203 tma 02 essay

This means that we have a number of expectations about what feedback your tutor will offer you. Whenever possible, your answers should show that you have used the ideas you are studying to make sense of your own practice and experience. PS — I have written a book about being an Open University student. Learning outcomes of TMA 05 In completing this assignment you will demonstrate your: But if you do not get a good mark, take it as an opportunity to learn what went wrong rather than seeing it as a disaster.

These are set out in detail in the B Module guide Section 4. You will need to be clear in your explanations and evaluation, have a logical flow to the report and be concise and to the point in order to stay within the word limit. In order to complete Part 1 of this TMA you will need to return to the study of your chosen organisation. The overall length expected in your response to the TMA tasks will be specified in the TMA, and your response should not exceed this length. Part 2 10 marks Obtaining, analysing and communicating information effectively are all essential skills that graduates need to demonstrate.

Your main challenge here is to use what you have learned through the activities undertaken in this block and take an analytical approach to answering the questions below.

(DOC) B tutor marked assignments and guidance-2 | Federico Sorcinelli –

Have I shown my ability to engage with the module concepts in online discussions? Application of course concepts is expected not mere citation! If you are not able to choose an organisation on either of these bases, then you can use one for which you can access information that is in the public domain. For a large organisation you may need to focus on one group or category of employees.


What you are doing in this TMA is providing examples of detailed organisational practice as evidence for the extent to which theories and theory-based concepts you have learned about in Block 2 appear to apply.

b203 tma 02 essay

You can find details of the result grades and much more information in the Assessment Handbook for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Modules mentioned above.

Have a clear open structure Use bullet points where appropriate wide margins 2. Further guidance about choosing a suitable organisation is provided below. If this is not now feasible then you need to consult your tutor, before you attempt the TMA. Using the course concepts and theories from Block 6, analyse the information systems strategy of your chosen organisation.

Part 1 75 marks Write a report which answers Questions ab and c. Guidance for Part 2 How you structure your answer esday up to you, but you should be able tja complete it within words.

b203 tma 02 essay

Your answer to Part 1 of TMA 02 should be approximately words, and it would be advisable to divide this to reflect the marks available, i.

You will not be able to complete your assignments effectively unless you do these, as you will need to provide evidence from your work on the activities to support your learning in your TMA.

El tma /2 – منتديات طلاب الجامعة العربية المفتوحة

The material needs to be in there for the marker to find. If there is a good reason why you think ta cannot meet a cut-off date esssy must contact your tutor well before that date to request an extension. Accounting and finance Please make sure that you read all parts of the TMA and the guidance notes carefully before attempting this TMA.

Make sure you get this right by reading through your work carefully and using a dictionary to check when in doubt.

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