In the end, Spain left a ‘heritage of suspicion, if not hatred'[11], between the Moros and the Christian Filipinos. Counter Hate and Malevolence – Part 1 — Hate, no matter how “justified” hurts us more than it helps us. If promulgated and implemented, this would abolish the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Here are some excerpts: Donations are not now providing the minimal funding needed to maintain and develop BI.

Promoting De-Escalation — Part 1: If you remain on the site and continue surfing, you agree to the use of cookies. The Constitution provided material condition under Section 18 of Article 10 which instructs Congress to enact an organic law for two autonomous regions, the other one being the Cordilleras. Counter Hate and Malevolence – Part 2 — Responding to hate with hate is like pouring gasoline on a fire The first requirement for the Bangsamoro realization is its territory. The editor regrets the error.

Personal Reflections on the Bangsamoro Struggle

If a law will constrict such expression and practice of democracy, then people have the right to create a more expansive law that would really reflect their hopes and aspirations, because laws should be tools of liberation and not of oppression.

In a separate survey, the Philippine Human Development Report 58stated: They should clarify the provisions. A sense of peace that can only come from knowing you are safe, you are home.

This law needs to be prepared properly before implementing it.

An article pleading for an objective review and unrushed Bangsamoro Basic Law. The Bangsamoro Basic Law should be equipped with answers and should not be the reason for more questions. Cellar Book Shop,pp.


essay about bangsamoro law

Counter Hate and Malevolence – Part 2 — Responding to hate with hate is like pouring gasoline on a fire But we feel most secured there. This assertion, however, tends to be limited by the language of lawmaking.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

When we can go back, without fear or apprehension for ourselves and our children, knowing that we and most especially our children will be ok. Healing requires proximity that touches the web of community life, which includes both the recent events and the lived histories of a community.

More than the amount the bicam decided, which is P50 billion for 10 years instead of the BTC proposal of P billion for 20 years, the significance of the funding is in its intent to support the rehabilitation and normalization process that will address not only the situation of the former combatants but also the internally displaced persons, widows and orphans, and poverty-stricken communities.

I remember during one BBL committee deliberation last Congress when a fellow legislator asked, why do you insist on being Moros? Peace processes may break down, it is the peace in each of us that will matter.

Retrieved from ” https: The Intractable Conflict Challenge Beyond Intractability’s initiatives, learning materials, and knowledge base are designed to help everyone play a more constructive role in limiting the intractable and extraordinarily complex conflict problems that threaten our common future.

They may have ideological and ethnic differences, but in the end, they are all believers of Islam and united in its Ummah. The light, however, feels no less distant. Bangsamodo Muslim Filipinos have an intensely deep sense of Islamic identity.


Bangsamoro Organic Law – Wikipedia

Whenever we create an image of ahout Filipino, will a veiled woman come to mind? It was made worse by the fact that Spain used the Indios in their war against Moros.

essay about bangsamoro law

But they make up just a fraction of my memory. The provisions need double checking.

essay about bangsamoro law

When the Bangsamoro tries to take back what it is rightfully theirs, why do others have to decide on their claim? International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

This work identifies and compares the peace process in Muslim Mindanao before and the peace process during American Military Government, ,” Military Review. Internationalization of the Bangsamoro Struggle. The Indioson the other hand, adopted the Christian religion with greater zeal than the Spaniards.

How about their suggestions, needs, and requests? The gap, however, did not stop with the differences in history and culture.

Before the year was out, sporadic clashes broke out between Americans and local chiefs. Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao, Inc.

Citing Beyond Intractability resources.

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