What was the gravitational potential energy [relative to the lowest point reached by the swing as it swings back and forth] of the child at the moment she is released? What will be the speed of this ball after 3. What is the average speed of this rubber stopper as it circles above your head? How much work will be done in lifting this mass onto the table? What will be the tension T in the string that is accelerating mass m1?

What is the coefficient of kinetic friction mk between the block of wood and the horizontal surface? An automobile goes How much weight will each ladder have to support? Support your answer with evidence! How much horizontal force must be applied to keep this sled in motion along the driveway at a constant speed?

Newton’s laws of motion wikipedialookup. A mass of 8.

physics homework #63

On the pphysics to the left label all of the forces acting on the rider. Write the expression relating the momentum of this system in the y direction before and after the collision.

Sinai Academy – Physics Hw #63

How long will it take for the stopper to move around the circular path 10 times? What is the distance once around this circular path?

On the graph below sketch the velocity of this automobile as a function of time. What is the slope of the line that best fits this set of points? What is the average rate at which the speed of this car is changing during this time period?


How much more frictional force is available to the driver of this car when the car is NOT in a skid? Displacement vs Time Displacement [m] 0. What will be the magnitude of the normal force acting on the crate? How long will it take to return to the starting point?

What velocity would be required for this rocket to orbit Venus at an altitude of km.? How long will it take for this ball to reach the highest point?

physics homework #63

What is the magnitude of the torque being applied to this disc? Equations of motion wikipedialookup.


What will be the magnitude of the applied torque? How much total upward force must be exerted by the cable in order to support the weight of the tightrope walker? Jupiter rotates once on its axis every 10 hours. An automobile, which has a mass of kg. Homewoek will be the gravitational potential energy of this system when the mass is at the highest point?

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What will be the vertical velocity of this projectile 3. Time dilation wikipedialookup.

How far did this car travel during the first 20 seconds? What will be the speed of this car 3. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires of a car, which has a mass of kg. Why would such a machine be designed since the output force is clearly less that the force input? What is the total clockwise torque about the How much energy will be stored in the spring when the mass briefly comes to rest against the spring?


What will phyaics the angular momentum of this wheel at the end of the 5. The mass is then released and is allowed to be thrown up into the air. How high will this projectile be at the highest point of its trajectory? Determine the event horizon homewor each of the following if each was to become a black hole: What will be the elastic potential energy of this system when the mass is What would the velocity of this rocket have to be in order for it to orbit Callisto at an altitude of 4, km?

A marble is fired horizontally from a launching device attached to the edge of a tabletop which is

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