Of course, you want your children to grow up to be healthy, happy and exceptional adults, but for that to happen your children need to be properly cared for, guided, loved, disciplined, taught and encouraged along the way. Aside from stronger implementation of laws, penalties, and recovery programs, advocates emphasize the need for better prevention. The theory of Albert Bandura on Self Efficacy proves to be applicable and true. Republic Act Anti-VAWC – refers to the law wherein it gives protection against the occurrence of the abuse to women with their children in order to deter more cases of abuse women and children. The first thing the researchers did was to construct the specific statements of the problem in order to have a definite direction which will lead to the answers the researchers wanted to know.

Bunye became the first representative of Muntinlupa City in Congress www. Descriptive method research was deemed appropriate for this study. Acquisition of office equipment and provision of conducive place for counseling and. Psychological Violence – refers to the act or omissions causing or likely to cause mental or emotional suffering of the victim from his or her barbaric offender. It is therefore, to be addressed before it became into a big social problem.

With regards to its Theoretical Framework, the theory of Albert Bandura on Self Efficacy proves to be applicable and true. Moreover, thdsis Barangay Officials and those delegated to enforce shall; d Arrest the 922 even without a warrant when any of the acts of violence is occurring, or when said barangay official has personal knowledge that any act of abuse has just been committed, and in the presence of imminent danger to the life or limb of the victim- survivor.

It is stipulated that the Barangay Officials and Law Enforcers shall confiscate any deadly weapon in the possession of the perpetrator or within plain view R. Number of Convictions filed to Violence against Ta and Children There are no convictions related to Violence against Women and Children for there was not a single case filed to effect such.

This will be answered by this present study especially in the aspect of human rights — specifically, the R.


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He was known for his Bobo Doll Experiment. We would like to express our humble gratitude to the incumbent officers of the Baranggay Hall of Brgy. Furthermore, when interviewed, respondents told the researchers that regular and baranggay-level seminars and orientations will help them be more empowered to protect themselves and their children.

thesis ra 9262

It only means to say that most respondents have heard or knows of the Anti-VAWC Law but when it comes to its terms and conditions they are not strongly aware of it. The barangay official shall confiscate any deadly weapon in the possession of the perpetrator or within plain view; e Transport or escort the victim-survivor to the nearest hospital, or available medical facility for treatment and medico-legal examination.

What are your recommended ways to lessen the abuse of women Check as many as you like.

The crime of violence against women and children shall be punished according to the rules provided under the Revised Penal Code. Careful and diligent search for information includes reviewing journals, periodicals, and thesls to theesis background information, technical material, and news about industry trends and developments. It follows that our respondents read and understand the law being implemented, that is, R. This was used to determine the assessment of the respondents on Effectiveness of the VAWC enforcers in the Barangay level according to the Operational Procedures of the R.

Minimally, implementation involves these elements; 1 Organization: Thus, our enforcers in the Barangay level have delivered a very satisfactory service and got the commendation of Very Effective. Those cases are essential for women to know so that men should also be aware not to be abusive of their wives, girlfriends, or partner and their children. Encourage researchers and research institutions to conduct study in order to acquire new ideas and documents as bases for program development.

Establish mechanism for a proper documentation of the program for evaluation and certification. Since respondents belonging to this age bracket are expected to be able to make good judgments for they are considered as adults.

KamleshVaswani petitioned after the Supreme Court anti-pornography.


Women’s Awareness on the Law on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children

For the Post-Graduate Category, respondents told the researchers that they took MBA programs in business, law and medicine. How the Respondents implements the Operational Procedure of R. The infrastructures projects all over the city is a proof of its economic growth. Bunye became the first representative of Muntinlupa City in Congress www.

On the other hand, some women are shy and not empowered to file VAWC cases because this ghesis hurt the reputation of their families and they do not want others tthesis know to that they have been violated or abused.

thesis ra 9262

Children – refers to an individual person, be it biological or not, as long as under the care of the parents which the law on VAWC has been violated. The State also recognizes the need to protect the family and its members particularly women and thesiis, from violence and threats to their personal safety da security IRR of R. The primary purpose of this law is to value the dignity of women and children and to guarantee full respect for human rights. KPM 5A59 3.

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Abuses are not just physical. A total of respondents were chosen to answer the survey questionnaires.

We would like to thank the students of ENG04 summer class of for believing that we can do our research paper even with the limited time given. On the other hand, few respondents belong to the Professional Category which may mean that they have more knowledge and understanding of the Anti-VAWC Law. We thank God for the strength, guidance and knowledge that inspired us to do a better research study.

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