Romanian Filmed Sucking Cock For 17 Lei

Romanian Filmed Sucking Cock For 17 Lei

Butterflies. I know what they are - because of him. The fluttering persists in my lower tummy. My head swoons. I feel my face flush, with my imagination running wild already.I keep rereading his text, Driving through town. Have 30 minutes. WANT YOU.Nervously, I smooth my shoulder-length hair, and dab on some lip gloss. He prefers me fuss-free, with simply-styled hair and a lightly made-up face. I am still wearing my fitted black dress from work, but removed my panties, as ordered. After giving myself a final check in the mirror, I head to the door to wait for him. My hands shake in anticipation. I try to calm my racing pulse with deep breaths. No one has ever affected my mind, body, and soul like this man.The hard knock on the door causes me to jump. I inhale deeply and open it, keeping my body hidden behind the door, with my face peeking around at him. He pushes his way inside and shuts the door behind him. Oh goodness.I look up at his much larger frame, trying to breathe. To say he has a dominating, intimidating presence is a huge understatement. His deep voice affects me. His chiseled strong jaw disarms me. Lustful dark eyes seduce me. Everything about him sucks me in. His eyes rake over every inch of my body before he pulls me towards him. With sexy lips upturning, he reveals his appreciation of my appearance."Want you. Need you," he forewarns.I melt inside.His muscular hands trap my face, with his lips claiming mine in an urgent fashion, mashing my lips against my teeth. No time is wasted ramming his lustful tongue into my submissive mouth. Goodness, he tastes good. His entire body becomes involved in his kiss, with his manhood pressing against me and his hands roaming up and down my body. I can tell I am in for a rough fuck, just by his kiss. I feel my wetness spreading between my trembling legs.He aggressively pushes me back against the wall and captures my small hands above my head in one of his bigger hands. His other hand shoves under my dress to grab my pussy. Gasp. My squirming starts as he plunges his first finger deep inside me, almost lifting me off the ground with his force of entry. Sir.I feel another finger penetrate me as his mouth finds my neck. Wet kisses graze different places on my neck before I feel his sharp teeth puncture my soft skin, followed by brief sucking. Then he withdraws. "Keep your hands up," he directs.He moves his hand to my dress, ripping my zipper down. My dress falls to the floor, followed by my bra he unhooks with practiced ease. I quiver under his wanton gaze. "I am going to devour you," he vows.Oh my. As one hand finger-fucks me, his other grabs one of my breasts. He lowers his head and I feel his teeth on my creamy, soft mound. My sensitive skin is being sucked in between his teeth. Then, he withdraws again. He is trying to decide where to mark me - my neck, my breast, or somewhere yet to be determined. I am always marked, so I will remember where he was. I can't hold still from his touches and drop my arms to his chest for support. He pulls out his fingers, releases my breast, and spins me towards the wall, giving me a hard slap on my ass. Ouch!"Hands up!" he commands.I lose myself and try to reach behind for him, and he slaps my ass again, harder. Ow!Shaking with longing, I slide my hands back up the wall over my head. I feel his hands rubbing up and down my aching body from my waist to my thighs. Goodness, his warm hands feel good stroking my body. He takes his knee and pushes my thighs apart. My next feeling is my ass cheeks being spread, followed by his tongue on my asshole. Ahhhhh! He spears me with his tongue before moving to suck my pussy lips into his mouth. Oh, I can't take this.I feel his warm breath on my wetness. His hands are clutching my hips, rendering me rooted in my spot against the wall. His tongue ravishes me in between my legs, wildly eating me. My body shakes as waves of pleasur
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e sweep over me. He moves his mouth to the inside of my thigh and clamps down with his teeth. Ouch! Feverish sucking begins, as a small section of skin is sucked into his mouth. Ouch! He has decided to mark the inside of my thigh. I suck in my breath through my teeth, making a hissing noise, waiting him out. He pulls back to check his mark and satisfied, stands up."Please," I whimper.My pleas will do no good. He will do what he wants - when he wants.I want to look over my shoulder, but think better of it. Hearing his zipper come down, drives me crazy. It won't be long now. One arm circles in front of me, pulling me back to him, holding me in place for the sound fucking about to begin."Open up for me," he entices.He teases me with his entry, never wanting me to know when he will engulf me. His hard tip pries me open just a little and then retreats. He does this over and over until I beg again. Please. Clenched with anticipation, I fully feel him as he takes my pussy, plunging in until his balls smack me. Oh goodness, here he goes.He pulls almost all the way back out, just to plunge all the way in again. My sensitive pussy feels the warmth from his cock, engorged with blood, filling me so completely. Every inch filling and stretching my most sacred place. He slams me over and over. My pussy is stretching more and more with each thrust. I feel every inch of his pulsating cock.While one hand still holds me, pleasurably trapped against him, his other hand covers one of mine on the wall. I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. Don't stop. Please, don't stop.The force of his thrusts would send me through the wall if he wasn't holding me to him. All I can do is hold on and take his fucking. Every nerve ending I have is on fire. My free hand claws at the wall, nails marking the spot where I am being rigorously fucked. His hand grips my other hand tightly, squeezing my fingers. He is supporting my smaller frame being pummelled by his massive cock.Turning my head, I lay my cheek against the wall, with eyes tightly shut - just relishing in every sensation. My breathy screams match each thrust now.In and out. In and out. He pumps his stiff cock in and out, each thrust harder than the last. I don't think I can take it. The heat from him warms every inch of my naked body. He shifts his hand from around my waist to my lower tummy where his fingers snake down to my clit. My hot little button is squealing for his touch and he knows it. At first touch, I buck against him. Oh my goodness, this feels incredible. This man knows how to work a clit. "Cum," he promises.I feel it building inside me. You know the feeling. That indescribably coiling of tension, pleasure, and ecstasy. The tightening in my tummy increases. My sweet spot burns. My tortured pussy begs to release, about to shower his raging cock with an appreciative cum bath. "I'm cumming!" I squeal. His massive hands hold me up as my quaking legs fail. I feel the waves of spasms moving inside my pussy, stealing my screams from my mouth. I feel him unload inside me as he painfully bites my shoulder, then my back, growling into my skin. His cum seeps out my pussy, trickling down my moist thigh.His body collapses against mine, wrapping me in his heat, and pushing me into the wall with his strength. One hand circles my throat, pulling my head back to him. Teeth sink into my flesh again as he adds his second mark. Oh, goodness, Sir.I feel his cock slip out and hear his zipper sliding back up. Muscled arms sweep me off my feet, carrying me down the hall to my bedroom. Once there, he gently lays me down, pulling the covers up over my nakedness. His fingers hold my chin, as his delicious lips dip down to kiss mine. He breaks our kiss to whisper sweet things... dirty things... promises of what's yet to come... in my ear."Sleep sweet, kitten," he coaxes. And I obediently close my eyes to dream of what's yet to come.

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