Fucked In The Bar By An Aggressive Client Puts Her To Suck Her

Fucked In The Bar By An Aggressive Client Puts Her To Suck Her

This is just one story in a series telling of my life with my now ex-wife Sue. I had travelled to the boat show and had met up with Marg. We spent the Saturday together and went out together for the night after Marg’s husband, Ian went off on a fishing trip with his friends. Marg had taken me by surprise by saying she wanted me to meet with her good friend, Cherie the next day suggesting that I may like to make love to her. I was accustomed to my wife, Sue who was an extremely jealous person and to have someone who showed no signs of jealousy whatsoever worried me.***Marg had talked to me previously about us leaving our spouses and going away together. I had initially been reluctant saying that our primary concern must be for our children. Soon after I realized that my marriage was never going to be worth saving and that my kids would always be safe with my wife, so I was now seriously considering taking Marg up on her offer. Now however Marg appeared to be treating our relationship with such a casual approach that I wondered if this would be a serious mistake.In the morning we went to the local botanical garden. To me it was about being somewhere quiet where we could talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Marg had suggested it so it was likely she was feeling similar. In the butterfly enclosure we spotted two butterflies making love. Marg pointed them out and named them Goyse and Marg.I asked her about Cherie. She told me that she loved Cherie like a sister and had known her ever since she had left the farm. There were no secrets between them. Cherie had been unlucky in love and had been with many men over the years but she had not been able to find anyone who could satisfy her sexually. After only a short time Cherie would always dump the latest lover and move on.It seemed that Cherie had been in love only once when she was younger but her father had intervened and told the guy to stay away or else. Marg did not seem to know what ‘or else’ meant but because they had worked together up north and because Cherie’s dad was his boss the insinuation was that it would impact on his employment.We left the gardens hand in hand around 11:30 to meet up with Cherie who had worked the morning shift. As we left an elderly lady commented no how lovely it was to see lovers who were so close and cared about each other enough to walk hand in hand in public. “My late husband and I were very close for many years. He usually held my hand in public and always showed his affection but I lost him last year,” she said.“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied. “What happened to him?” Expecting it would either be a heart failure or cancer.“A younger woman,” was the reply. “I bought her into my home to help with cleaning because she couldn’t find a job and I felt sorry for her. She seduced my husband and then they left together. The kids and I haven’t heard from either of them since. She left a wonderful husband and three delightful children. She had everything and she just up and walked away from it with an old man, my old man.”“I so sorry to hear that,” I said, feeling a little guilty given our present circumstances.“That’s okay, young man. I find it hard at night alone but it does give me time to do many of those things that I would never have got around to if we were still together. I’m sorry to burden you with my troubles but seeing you pair together bought back so many pleasant memories.”“Enjoy your day,” I said. “It has been a pleasure talking you.” We walked off. Marg had not spoken at all to the elderly lady.“She made me feel so guilty,” Marg said as we got into our car. “All this time I have been hoping that you and I could run off together and start a new life but I had never stopped to think about the impact on those around us. We can’t do it. Can we?”“Probably not, Marg, probably not.” I took her into my arms and kissed her then held her for several minutes. “Let’s not talk about it right now. Cherie is expecting us. Where does she live?”We drove to Cherie’s place in silence. Marg moved her hand across to my lap as we drove and I responded. I was with someone who I loved, someone who was taking me to have sex with her good friend, who I understood was beautiful. Who could resist having an erection?Cherie walked out to the driveway to meet us. She was quite tall. Her height was due to the length of her legs as her body was a similar size to Marg’s except slimmer. Her long blond hair was straight with some hanging forward of her shoulders.Cherie’s shorts were tight pulling into her crutch to form a lovely camel toe. Of all the things about a woman that really turned me on it was the sight of a camel toe. Her breasts were ample, not huge but larger than normal and perfect in shape. She had no bra on and the top that she had chosen was light so that her nipples showed clearly through the material. She presented immaculately both in dress and appearance. Cherie was a beauty queen, a sex goddess.Cherie walked around to Marg as she alighted from the vehicle, welcomed her and they kissed. She then walked around to me and kissed me while pulling me in hard against her body saying, “Goyse, it’s good to meet you. Marg has told me so much about you. It is as if I already know you. Hhhmmm, and I can feel you are excited to meet me.” She smiled and looked down towards my erection. “Come on in.”The thought of making love to someone so sexy and beautiful had my cock standing to attention. My cock was so engorged following her hug that I felt a little embarrassed until l realized that this was her plan. She had dressed purposely to arouse me and Marg had played her part in the plan by touching me in preparation on our way over.When we entered her house she immediately removed her top. Her tits were even more perfect than I had imagined. Was this the marvels of modern day plastic surgery at play or can such perfection exist in nature? Whatever it was it was beautiful and inspiring. She moved across to me looking at Marg for her okay.I could tell by Marg’s body language and smile that we had her approval. Cherie put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She held me so close that my cock was under pressure. “We are excited today, aren’t we,” she said with an emphasis on “are”. She broke away from our kiss while arching her back which pushed her lower body even harder into me.She lifted my shirt over my head saying, “we won’t need this,” then moved down to unbutton my jeans allowing them to drop to the floor.She knelt down in front of me freeing my cock from my underpants and while looking upwards at me started to lick pre-cum from the head of my cock.“This girl wastes no time,” I thought to myself. “She knows what she wants and she is out to get it. I may as well enjoy the attention.”While licking me she was also shedding her clothes. It was as if we were racing to the finish line and she was taking the lead.“Hey, slow down girl,” I said. “There’s no rush. We have all afternoon. I don’t leave for a few hours yet.”“I’ve been thinking of this all week. I’m so hot I feel that I could cum just playing with your cock. I want to be fucked!”“Okay, I can fuck you, that’s no trouble but I’d rather make love to you. It's your choice.”“I don’t understand. I thought fucking was making love?”“Maybe it is but for me fucking is just about getting my rocks off but making love has more feeling. It’s about enjoying each other’s touch and how you feel together. Making it last so that when you reach your peak it goes on and on and on and tomorrow when I go home you and I will only think about how we were together. It can’t be rushed. But if you just want a fuck that’s fine as well. As I said it’s your choice.”I took her in my arms and carried her through the doorway that I thought would be to her bedroom. I was right. Her bedroom was very feminine. It was all pinks and pastel matching colors. A heart shaped pillow was the prominent feature. As I turned I saw that Marg was following and had also shed her top and skirt. One hand was rubbing her left nipple and the other was in the top of her panties. It appeared that Marg was going to enjoy this as much as we would.I lay Cherie on her bed and lay down beside her. I motioned to Marg to come closer. Marg walked to the bed and stopped, looking down on us. I indicated to her to lie on the other side of Cherie. By this time I was licking Cherie’s tits. I then lifted up and kissed Cherie. Her mouth opened to receive the kiss.“Massage her back and shoulders, Marg.”I ran my hands through her hair. Marg had started to massage her shoulders. I heard Cherie give a sharp intake of breath as Marg’s hands touched her.I continued to stroke her body lightly and massage her muscles then lightly stroke her body. Each time I returned to her tits. Her breathing was becoming heavier and her eyes were closed. Marg was following my lead moving around her back down to her buttocks and back to her shoulders then stroke her hair. Marg would give Cherie’s hair a little pull occasionally as I had done so often to her. She would then reach around her and stroke her tits.I was moving down her body slowly. Once I arrived at her legs, I gently pushed her towards Marg who moved back slightly to allow her to lie on her back. I used eye contact with Marg to get her to stroke her tits.I was now stroking her thighs. She opened he legs ever so slightly to give me access to her pussy. Her pussy was like her home, neat, tidy and obviously well attended to. I could tell even with her legs only slightly spread that her slit was not cute and small like Marg’s but was long. Her flaps were protruding, separated and quite wet.I raised my eyes as I heard her sharp intake of breath to see that Marg had moved over her and was now licking and sucking her tits. I felt my cock give a jump as if I was about to cum. This scene was very erotic. The woman that I loved was pleasuring the breasts of her good friend. It bought back memories of the night where my wife, Sue has done this to our good friend, Veronica.Cherie opened her legs to give me access. She knew where I was going and she desired it. I moved across to lay between her legs. It was then I realized how similar her pussy was to that of my wife’s. It gaped open. I could see inside her and her cervix was visible. I suddenly realized that this was déjà vu. This was my dream of last night where I had made love to a beautiful blond and when I went down on her the pussy was my wife’s.I hesitated for a few minutes and when I looked up Cherie and Marg were kissing while Marg played with her right tit. I then noticed that Cherie was also playing with Marg’s perfect breasts. Both women had their eyes closed and were breathing heavy as if they were both on the verge of an orgasm.I started to lick Cherie’s slit, moving downwards each time that I licked. I felt Marg move and realized that Cherie had been trying to get her hand to Marg’s pussy and Marg had moved to accommodate her. I was now licking the bottom of Cherie’s slit including the area between her anal passage and her slit. Suddenly Cherie let out a loud moan followed by, “OOOhhhh, fuck, I’m coming.”I could see the contractions that were her orgasm in her nether region and lifted my head to allow me to lick her clit. I ran my tongue around her clit in a circular motion and then across it and back down to lick the edges of her pussy opening. I could see her cervix moving inside her pussy with the contractions of her orgasm which gave me visions of what it would be like with a huge cock inside her pumping its sperm into her with her cervix clasped around its head to direct its seed to her eggsMy thoughts were broken by Marg who suddenly erupted into an orgasm as well spraying her juices across me. I lifted my head to see Cherie working her fingers like mad in Marg’s little pussy. She had two bent fingers in her and her thumb working her clit. I knew by experience that this was the area that never failed to get Marg off and because Cherie knew where to work Marg meant that Cherie would probably respond to similar treatment.I pushed two fingers into Cherie. She was still in the midst of her orgasm and as I lifted my fingers to the top area of her pussy she lifted to meet my fingers. Within a few seconds she was spraying her juices all over me as well. “Aaaahhhh, Aaaahhhh, Aaaahhhh, Aaaahhhhh,” she screamed.“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me,” she screamed again and again. “I want your cum in me.”  I could feel her cervix pushing on the back as my hand and as I withdrew my fingers I could see her cervix pushing forward as if it wanted to protude from her pussy.I moved up along her body. Marg was coming down from her orgasm but was still sucking Cherie’s tits. I had to raise my body above Marg to get my cock to Cherie’s pussy. My cock simply fell into her pussy. There was almost no resistance but I could feel her cervix pushing back against the head of my cock. I moved in long strokes and could still feel her cervix against my cock. It was as if it had latched onto me like a leach feeding off its prey.Marg moved to kiss me. Cherie then pulled me away from Marg towards her. She kissed me working her tongue inside my mouth. I had moved my body across to give Marg access to Cherie’s right tit and she started working it by sucking about half of it into her mouth then moving back and licking her nipples and then giving the nipple a little bight. She then repeated this process.“I’m going to cum again,” Cherie stated.Suddenly I could feel heat on my cock. Cherie responded by crying out “Oooohhhh, fuck me, Oooohhhh, fuck me, oooohhhhh, fuck me you cunt.”She was flooding the bed. I could feel it spraying into my crutch. The heat of her juices was like nothing I had ever experienced before. She was hot. Throughout this I was fighting not to reach orgasm. My plans for my orgasm didn’t involve Cherie. I was holding back my orgasm for Marg. She had helped me pleasure Cherie and she deserved what I was keeping for her.Cherie had stopped bucking and her movements had slowed. “You didn’t cum,” she said.“Was it OK for you,” I asked. I immediately thought, ‘how stupid is that?’ That is the type of thing a high school kid says to his first fuck after blowing his load in the first 20 seconds.“It was very special,” she relied. “Better than any I’ve had in a long time but why didn’t you cum?”“Watch and you’ll see,” I replied. By this time I had moved over to Marg’s pussy and started working my tongue around her slit. Marg had lifted her but to give me better access. I worked my tongue from her anus along her slit to her clit and back down again.I felt Cherie move and realized that it was now time for Cherie to return the favor to Marg by licking her tits. I felt Cherie move again and looked up to see them locked together in a kiss.I continued to work over Marg’s pussy until the juices were flooding from her. The fingering that Cherie had given Marg had the effect of leaving Marg’s pussy which was usually closed, open. It was gorgeous. Smooth bright pink lips ranging to almost red on the inside. I could see slight movements of her anal opening and also movements inside her pussy which heralded an oncoming orgasm and knew that it was time.I moved up along her. Cherie and Marg were locked in an ongoing kiss leaving Marg’s tits available to me. I then realized that Marg was also fingering Cherie’s pussy as they kissed. I pushed the head of my cock inside her and just moved it in and out a little initially. I could feel her humping trying to get more of my cock inside but I wanted to tease her a little longer.She was going mad with her humping now and she seemed to be losing her breath with her mouth wide open. Cherie had broken the kiss and was sharing Marg’s tits with me. Cherie was on the left one me on the right. I allowed my cock to go a little further into her each time she humped.When she had me almost fully embedded in her she suddenly cried out, “Oh, yes, Oh, yes, Oh, yes, Oh, yes.” I could feel her contractions starting in her pussy as she started to cum.Cherie had stopped on her tits and had me in a mouthwatering kiss. Marg had thrust her head back into the pillow as I felt the heat from her juices pushing out of her pussy around my cock. Cherie broke our kiss and said, “Ooooohhhh, I’m cumming.I couldn’t hold off any longer. My sperm shot into Marg’s Pussy like a fireman’s hose. Spurt after spurt was sent into her. I felt he
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r cervix against the head of my cock trying to get my seed for her eggs but I knew that my vasectomy prevented it from doing its job. I felt my seed leaking from around my cock as I finished my orgasm.I lay with her for around a minute kissing her and then kissing Cherie. “I love you,” I said to Marg.“I love you too,” she replied.“I love you both,” Cherie added. “That was out of this fucking world. We’ve got to do this again.”There was silence for a few minutes as we all took in what we had just experienced. Then Cherie spoke, “can I lick it out of you.”“What!” Marg answered.“I want to lick you like you told me that Goyse did to you after Ian, you know, fucked you? I want to know what it’s like.” She looked at me. “Do you mind?”“I’d like to watch that,” I replied. I had no desire actually but I thought that if Marg wanted it she should experience it.Marg replied by opening her legs. She was beautiful. Even after sex she looked totally adorable. I could see where my juices had come out of her as we made love and they were plastered across her crutch. Her pussy hair was a mess. Her flaps were slightly open and the gap was filled with my cream. I was always amazed at how her pussy closed up so quickly after sex. She had an elastic property that not many women have. She shared this with her sister Lyn.Cherie was now down between her legs and her tongue was working to clear away my sperm. I had moved up to Marg and was kissing her.“Do you like that?” I asked.“I’m a little sore from all our sex last night and today and it is so soothing. If she keeps that up I’ll want to take her home with me,” she joked.Cherie had almost cleaned Marg up. “Can we get together again?” she asked.“I’m going home in 2 hours,” I replied.“Yes, I know but Marg and I could come up occasionally to visit you.”“I’d be in that,” Marg said, “and Lyn would let us stay with her. She likes the company. We would have to go up when Jon is away which wouldn’t be a problem because he’s away more than he is at home these days."“I’d love that,” I responded.Meanwhile Cherie had finished her cleaning chores. My over active mind had me thinking that if they did come up then we could make it a foursome with Lyn joining us. It was obvious now that Marg and Cherie would probably be making love together after this if they hadn’t been before. I knew that Lyn liked a little (or big) pussy and I knew that I would be good for three women as I had often had sex a dozen or more times in a night with my wife, Sue.I looked at Cherie and asked, “Marg said you have had problems finding satisfaction. Has it always been like that?”“No, I was okay when I was younger. During my late teens I was having sex and it was totally satisfying. Then I had a boyfriend when I was nineteen. He was a few years older than me. He worked for my dad on a building site. My dad never liked him. He said he was a good worker but had no respect for women. He was big. Really big and it hurt like hell but it was not about the sex for me. I was in love with him.”There was a tear in her eye. “We had trouble having sex because of his size. Eventually he managed to penetrate me by getting me to have sex with his mate first."“I loved the sex. I had my first ever orgasm other than from masturbation with his mate but then he stopped and my boyfriend took over. His friend had stretched me so that my boyfriend could successfully enter me.”“Somehow my father found out.”“I never saw him again. I thought for a long time that he just used me. Eventually someone told me that dad went out and told him to leave and never set foot in the town again.”“My daughter was born nine months later. My mum raised my daughter as her child because I had to complete my schooling. I never knew if she was Steve’s or his mate’s kid.”The similarity to this story and that of my wife prompted me to ask, “was his name Steve Martin?”“How the hell did you know that?”“I knew that Steve Martin was working in your home town for a number of years and I know he has a history. Let me just say that you’re not the only woman that he got pregnant and then disappeared.”“Who else?”“I’m sorry its better that I didn't say.”“You can’t just throw that in and then leave me hanging. You’ve got to tell me.”I thought about it for a while and decided I had to tell her. She needed to know. “You’re the lucky one,” I continued. “Your dad saved you. You probably don’t appreciate what your dad has done for you but he did you the best favor that any person could do by pissing Steve off. Other women who have not been so lucky have ended up being sold for money.”“How do you know all this?”I couldn’t tell her so hesitated struggling to know how to answer.“One of them was Goyse’s wife,” Marg cut in with. Cherie didn’t answer possibly expecting more information. I had nothing to add so remained silent. After a while Marg continued, “and it continued after they married and it’s probably still going on now.”“Really, why haven’t you stitched up the arse-hole?”“Someone tried but didn’t succeed. They haven’t found out who yet. Either that or they don’t want to. Apparently one of the women he prostituted was a copper’s wife so I don’t think they are trying real hard."I remained silent not adding anything to the conversation. The girls must have realized by my silence that I didn’t want them to continue. I knew that once I left Marg would fill Cherie in on the details. I didn’t mind if she did but I did not want it discussed in my presence. I had felt enough pain over the years. I didn’t want more by having to go through it with someone that I had recently met.We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around drinking coffee and talking about things in general. As we were about to leave Cherie said, “we’ll be up in about three weeks. I can get a week off then because business is always quiet around this time of year. Do you think your mum would look after the kids for you, Marg?”“Clucky grand ma, she will jump at the chance.”“OK, three weeks it is. I’ll dream about it every night till then.”“Sounds good,” I replied. We made our way to the car. Hugs all round. I dropped Marg off at her house and gave her a big hug but with neighbors watching intently could not give her the kiss that I would have liked to. When I arrived at the boat show gates the guys were standing around waiting for me. As we drove home one of the guys asked me did the promoters catch up to me. When I asked him why, he said that they had paged me several times over the PA system.Six hours later I climbed into bed with my wife, Sue. She had been let out of hospital the day after I had left for the show. “Enjoy the show,” she asked.“Yep, best one ever.”“She liked it then?”“What do you mean, she liked it?“I mean, did Marg like it.”“Why would you say something like that?”“I’m not stupid. The promoters rang up and asked me why they couldn’t catch up to you because they wanted you to sign the new sponsorship for your ski team. Then I checked and found that Marg had talked Ian into going on a fishing trip with his mates for the weekend. It was pretty obvious what you two were up to.”She hesitated for a while possibly waiting for me to deny it but I didn’t.“I’ve told you before to leave the little slut alone of I’d fuck you both up and I meant it!”I knew that my best defense was to cuddle up to her. While she was talking I had moved over on the bed. She was facing the wall as she talked and I was now pressed up against her back with my cock resting against her but. I was at half-mast and as I pushed against her my cock was growing.My hand moved around to her tit. I found her nipple and I tweaked it.“You’re wasting your time with me. Didn’t she give you enough?”“Your jealousy makes you say crazy things. Think about it!”“Think about what?”“You think that it’s okay to cheat on me every week of every month. You will never talk to me about it except when I force you to. I have raised someone else’s child because you cheated on me and got yourself pregnant. Half the time we have sex I’m sticking my cock into someone else’s cum. Despite all this I go away for a couple of days and you decide I have to be cheating and make my life a misery with threats. I just don’t understand you.”I continued, “What if I did screw someone while I was away. I’m not saying that I did but what if I did? What gives you the right after all you have put me through to complain?”“It’s not about screwing someone. It’s about making love to someone. I fuck men to get satisfaction. I don’t make love to them. You don’t know how to fuck. The only thing you know is how to make love and there is a big difference. When I gave you the opportunity to fuck Lyn I was testing to see if you could just fuck her but you couldn’t, could you? It is always about emotion and feelings with you and never about the sex. That’s the difference.”“I came home, didn’t I?”“What do you mean, you came home.”“You know what I mean. You have been in hospital and I know exactly why but I still came home to you. Surely that must mean something to you.”She started to cry. All was quiet for some time. I was wondering if I had overdone it. Every time that I made a stand with her she found some way to punish me. I started wondering what my punishment would be this time.“So I got pregnant. So what? I got rid of it. Surely that must mean something to you? I got rid of my own baby so that I could keep you but where were you? Down south rooting your little whore, that’s where.”“She’s not a whore. If there is any whore here it is you. You’re the one that goes out almost every day of every week looking for bigger and bigger cocks to satisfy yourself.”“That’s right, I do but do you understand that if I didn’t we would not be together.”“How do you work that out?”“I’ll put it to you straight. You cannot keep me sexually satisfied. I love you and I don’t want to lose you but you haven’t got the size cock that I need to keep me satisfied. Presently I have men who can satisfy that need for me. Those men want nothing else from me but sex. That sex allows me to come home to you and be your wife. Without what they give me I could not stay with you. This is not about cheating. This is about being able to stay and function as a good wife to the person that I love and that person is you. You don’t have that problem so you don’t have to cheat on me.”“You’re really fucked up aren’t you? You actually believe that crap.” I put on a female voice, “hey, honey, I have to cheat on you so you can be happy in our marriage.” I hesitated for a moment to give it impact. “But if you cheat on me I’ll cut your fucking balls off.” I returned to my voice. “What type of clap trap is that? Either we can have sex outside our marriage or we cannot. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, full stop!”After allowing a little time for it to sink in I continued, “Besides you go out, have sex and come home pregnant. I have never ever put you in that position where a woman can say your husband is the father of my baby and it will never happen because I would not do that to you. It’s about respect, respect that you do not offer to me. How many times have you been pregnant by someone else since we married? Once, twice or is it three times?”I stopped. I didn’t expect an answer. It was about defending my position. Things that should have been said years ago I had not said because I didn’t want to hurt her. She was crying. I could see her body move with her emotion. I leaned over and her face was wet from tears. I felt ashamed to have attacked her like this just to cover up my wrong doing but I knew that once it was said it couldn't be taken back. There was a long delay and the only sound was her sobs. I cuddled up to her. She didn’t pull away like I expected.“Five.”“Five what?” I had forgotten my demand of her.“I’ve been pregnant five times by someone else.”“Holy fuck! You’ve been pregnant five times by your donkey dicked fuckers!” I was angry. This was just too much.“That’s why my doctor wants me to have my tubes cut. He said he can’t do it until I recover from this operation. He told me that if I keep getting pregnant and not going full term then it will have a serious effect on my health. I explained my problem to him and he was very understanding.”“How could it happen five times and I didn’t know about it.”“You go up to your mum and dad’s place each month for a few days. I’ve got rid of them while you have been away but this time I couldn’t arrange it for when you were away.”“Why don’t you just go back on the pill?”“I did. Don't you remember? You found out and were angry about it. You told me that I had to be planning to cheat on you so I stopped taking them.”“But surely there are other ways?”“There is no other way that works for me and my lovers will not wear condoms. At least some won’t. I only get out of control when I’m fertile. The urge is always there but I can control it except when I am on heat.”“What about getting that thingy that they put over your cervix to stop the sperm? Wouldn’t that stop it?”“No, I tried but my cervix is damaged so it doesn’t work well and with large men it gets dislodged. There’s also another problem that I find hard to explain.”“The best way to explain something is to just say it.” Once more there was that long delay before she spoke again.“When I’m at my peak of fertility I go a little crazy and want to take the risk. I’ve found that if I risk it then I worry for the next couple of weeks till my period comes and so I stay home with you. If I know that I’m safe the desire drives me crazy and I end up needing more sex.”“You’re fucked up lady. You’re really fucked up. Aren’t you?”“Yes, I know. It's destroying me. I can’t control it. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It just gets worse every year. I don’t know how you put up with me.”“I put up with you because you’re my wife and the mother of my children. We’ll organize the pill for you tomorrow. But you do need to understand that you have no right to make accusations against me. Now let’s get some sleep.”I held her tightly against me. I knew she was crying because every so often I could feel her sobbing. There was no way that I could sleep but I lay dead still to let her think that I was. My mind was in a whirl. I was in an unsolvable dilemma that I had no idea how to extract myself from.I felt responsible for my wife, Sue. At the same time the pressure that I felt from her behavior was having a massive impact on me including my health. To sleep while I was with her I required alcohol. Whenever I was away from her I didn’t even feel like a drink and slept soundly although the dreams never let up.After a couple of hours of lying dead still I decided to get up for a drink. As soon as I moved she said, “I love you, Goyse.”“I know,” I replied, “but you don’t respect me or trust me.”“Yes, I know but I don’t want to lose you. I just get so jealous that I can't help getting angry. I wish I was different.”“You will only lose me if you try to control me by trying to tell me what I can and cannot do.”“I know. I only do it because I don’t understand why you put up with me and I get scared that you’ll find someone else and leave me.”“Sometimes I don’t understand it myself. Now, get some sleep. I’m going to have a drink.”I had several drinks and then returned to my bed. Sue was asleep. I could hear her snoring before I entered the bed room.Within minutes my dream started. First there was Marg and I was making beautiful love to her. I could feel the happiness and contentment rising in my chest. The feeling of emptiness that I had felt was slowly disappearing. Then there was Lyn with her little smirk and that flash of her eyes that attracted me to her. I thought of Marg’s little pussy with its thick dark hair and then Lyn’s lovely pussy with its sparse blond hair on her mons. I felt so happy and contented. Life was so beautiful but then as my attention moved down to Lyn’s pussy again it was gaping open just like my wife’s and I knew I had no hope of ever satisfying her.The shock woke me with a start and I realized that the alarm had gone off. It was time to go back to work. I hated that blody alarm clock. 

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