The Best Moments With Cumshots In Her Mouth Or Face

The Best Moments With Cumshots In Her Mouth Or Face

The IslandThe travel day from Minnesota to the tropics was long and tiring. They few to Chicago for a short stop, then took two connecting flights before hopping on a boat for a three hour voyage to the island. It wasn't a cruise ship by any figment of one's imagination. It was a freighter that delivered supplies to the small islands ringing the South Pacific. Their discomfort wasn't helped by the rough seas that day. Bob said it was unusual weather. Nevertheless, Joy was seasick.They arrived in the afternoon, Tropics time, not Midwestern time and were exhausted. While the staff unloaded the boat and hauled it to the house, Bob uncorked a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their arrival. With Champagne glasses in hand, he gave everyone a short tour. Kevin and Joy hit the sack almost immediately after they unpacked. They didn't wake up until sunrise.The sunrise over the ocean was spectacular. Kevin and Joy dressed and went down for breakfast only to find no one was dressed, not meaning formally, but not dressed at all. Even the staff serving breakfast was nude. "We're rather informal here, folks," Becky said, "so don't feel the need to wear your everyday costumes."Kevin was in awe of the eighteen year old girl serving breakfast. Her sweet smile was dazzling. Her bronze body was smooth and glossy. Her tits were small and firm with dark nipples. Her name was Moana.After breakfast, Joy and Kevin removed their "costumes" deciding to wander around the island getting a closer look. Becky decided to go to the pool and find the maintenance man. Bob went to the beach with his favorite rum drink.The island was basically a rain forest, like Becky had told Joy, with a white sandy beach and an open space that was cleared for the buildings and pool. The beach had several thatched roof cabanas and a small bar. Bob told them to duck in the cabanas when they're on the beach. He said the sun is sneaky and sunburn catches up with you quickly.Inside the forest, Kevin and Joy found three huts, each large enough to house four people. They included beds, a grill for cooking, and a small portable propane refrigerator. One of the huts was occupied by a couple on the staff enjoying the pleasures of their free time. Joy recognized the man as the cook, and was rather taken by his long black cock, especially his huge balls slamming into the maid's ass. They both appeared to be enjoying their break time.Meanwhile, Bob was in a cabana sipping his drink when he saw something unexpected. There was a ship heading for their island that was the same freighter they had been on the day before. At first, Bob thought the ship had forgotten a delivery which wasn't unusual. However, the delivery wasn't what he had anticipated. When the ship docked, three couples walked onto the shore.There was drastic contrast between the naked "native" and the well dressed visitors. One of the newly arriving guests looked at Bob and said with a thick accent, "Looks like we're in the right place. I see we're not going to be alone."Bob was stunned. "Excuse me! Who are you?"The man with the accent pulled out a sheet of paper, handing it to Bob. "As you see, Sir, we have reservations here."Bob looked carefully at the sheet that clearly stated the dates and the location of their holiday. Bob said, "There must be some mistake. This is a private island."The woman next to the foreigner said with the same accent, "We know that. We saw it on Trip Advisor and made reservations a year ago. It's really hard to book this island.""You made the booking before I became the owner," Bob told them. "I've had it for only six months."Another woman with an attitude was more insistent. She demanded with a different accent, "Well we're here, and it wasn't easy. We're staying, and you'll just have to put up with us for the next three weeks."Several of the male staff were coming to the beach just as the ship pulled away. They looked like the naked natives that you used to see in National Geographic magazine. One of the staff members said to Bob, "I'm so sorry for the mix-up, Sir. These people did make reservations. When you said you were coming the same week, it was too late to cancel them.""Well, there's nothing we can do," Bob told the servant. "We have enough room in the house. Please take them up to their rooms."The six tourists and their luggage were soon settled in the house. They understood what the island was offering and went to the pool to skinny dip in the hot afternoon. Becky was startled when she saw the strangers until Bob explained the confusion.Becky replied, "Well, the good thing Bob, is the girls all have shapely bodies and the guys are well hung.""Even better, Becky. The women look like Playboy models and the guys have rocking six-pack abs. Now we understand something about our benefactor. He was running a swingers resort for European celebrities. I think it was for him and also to keep the staff employed when he wasn't here. I mean, he seems to have been a generous person."It turned out that none of the three couples knew each other and in fact, were from different countries. That's the way the island is advertised at Adult Friend Finder, as a place to bring people together and experience new partners. One couple was from Spain, a second from Italy, and the third from Portugal. They all spoke English, so it wasn't long before everyone learned each other's names and shared a little about themselves. None of them talked about their careers, but it was obvious they weren't your average European.The new group of acquaintances gathered at the beach to watch the moon rise over the ocean, socialize, and enjoy after dinner drinks, the kind they call boat drinks with tiny umbrellas. Pot was the preferred stimulant as it was during the next three weeks.That evening everyone slept in their own rooms fantasizing about the next day. Becky already had her reunion with the maintenance staff, so she quickly fell asleep. Her husband, Kevin was wide awake thinking about Moana, the young waitress. Joy was dreaming of being with the cook and his huge balls banging her tush. Finally, Bob had his eye on the buxom raven with dark eyes from Italy. Morning didn't come soon enough.Of course their fantasies came true starting with Joy and the cook. She wasn't disappointed. Kevin was making small talk with Moana while she cleared the dishes. Joy and the cook were in her bedroom trying to take every inch of his long shaft in her throat. She had more success getting him balls deep in her pussy. The cook banged into her like Joy had seen in the hut a day earlier. Now he was doing her just as vigorously. Her clit tingled and her body began to tremble as if an earthquake had hit the island. Joy got her pleasure from a half dozen orgasms before her lover pumped her with shot after shot of his hot thick cum. She asked that they might meet again when he left to go back to work to prepare lunch.The courting process was much slower with Kevin and Moana. She kept returning to the kitchen with the dishes and only stayed to talk with Kevin for a moment before repeating the routine. When all the dishes were cleared, she said she had to help in the kitchen getting ready for lunch. He didn't see her again until the noon meal.Bob also had a hard time connecting with Maria, the Italian. He didn't make any headway until inviting her on his cruiser. Her pierced boobs jiggled with each step while boarding the yacht making him crazy with lust. It took an hour at sea before she warmed up to him. Bob had her steer the boat while he stood behind her with his hands firmly grasping her boobs and his cock rising to full staff. She felt him but didn't say a word.He turned off the engine to let his yacht drift in the open water and brought her a rum cocktail while they sat in the bow. When Bob felt she was a little more amiable and open to his advances, he knelt in front of her and gently spread her legs. He looked up at her beautiful jet black eyes, but she showed no emotion while she sipped her drink and he tasted her cunt.Bob felt the Italian woman's desires welling up as he fingered her moist pussy, and Maria began moaning in a way that suggested she needed a more invasive pleasure. Bob pushed his throbbing cock past her slit moving deliberately waiting for her responses. They became evident when, what might have been only a minute later, Maria aggressively shoved him to the floor and hopped on his slimy cock.She fucked him like a wild animal. Watching her tits bounce at every stroke made him thirst for her even more. But Bob's self-restraint was short lived when he pulled the plug, creaming her with a prodigious load. Bob hadn't lasted long and could see Maria's disappointment. She said nothing and picked up her drink as if nothing had happened. Then she looked directly into Bob's eyes and said, "Maybe you'll do better the next time."There was a next time and even a third. A half hour later, Bob bent Maria over the side rail and pounded into her from the rear. This gave him a chance to grab hold of her tits as they dangled and swayed over the side like two large water balloons. Bob went on much longer this time to Maria's satisfaction and his redemption. The third time, Bob finished in her mouth. Maria washed it down with the last of her rum drink.Becky was back at the pool. She was alone with the Spaniard. They swam, had a few drinks, then went to the Jacuzzi where jets of water massaged their naked bodies. Fucking in water was totally new to Becky, and she enjoyed the erotic feeling of him pounding into her while they thrashed in the tub. She didn't have orgasms like with the maintenance guy, but it was great to feel him pulsing, and filling her womb with a sizeable quantity of Spanish spunk.After lunch, Moana was much more approachable. Kevin took her to a hut in the rain forest and eventually she allowed him to fuck her tight pussy. She was so tight Kevin even thought she might have been a virgin although Moana didn't respond like a virgin. Once Kevin slid into her young pussy, Moana was a more active partner than he anticipated, and showed him how she wanted it. He finally finished taking her in the doggie position with his cum dripping down her thighs. She kissed him saying, "Thank you, Daddy," and ran off like a child to the house.At dinner, Becky announced the plans for the next day. "We are going out on the yacht for most of the day and for our after dinner entertainment, our roommates will be a little different. Women, pick from this hat to find your partner. If you choose someone you came here with, choose again. No one will be with their significant other. Understand? And one more thing boys, on the yacht tomorrow, keep your pistols holstered. You'll want to give your woman your best shot tomorrow night."The Portuguese woman asked, "Who do we sleep with tonight?"Becky shot a glance at her and said, "Whomever you wish but not the man you will entertain tomorrow night."Joy had a rough night. While her husband, Kevin, was always gentle with her, the Portuguese was not. He cuffed and gagged her, banging into every hole. Becky continued fucking the Spaniard. She loved his dark eyes and how his mustache tickled her clit. Kevin found the Spaniard's wife enchanting and loved her energetic uninhibited
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spirit. Bob picked up with Maria where they left off on the yacht. She had the perfect body to finish with a tit fuck. The Portuguese woman and Italian man brought their romance to the beach where they screwed like two horny teenagers.The yacht voyage the next day went exceedingly well. People swam, drank, swam, napped and sunned themselves. Everyone behaved except for the Portuguese lady. She toyed with each of the men, teasing and trying to get a rise out of them. Of course, she was successful with the rising part, but they were gentlemen and refused to break their abstinence.Dinner was baked salmon with rice and fruits of the season. It was all delicious. After dinner, it was margarita night that ended abruptly when the Portuguese man became angry because he felt he had been insulted by a barmaid. He had been fondling the girl's tits which wasn't so bad until he tried to finger her. She refused to serve him. He made it loud and clear that he was offended.With everyone accounted for, all couples were in bed with their lottery partners shortly after the fracas. It doesn't take more than one to ruin a good party. There were a few minutes that got awkward trying to figure out which room was to be used but Becky solved it by saying, "You are in your women's room. Please, no doubling up tonight if you know what I mean."Breakfast the next morning was a buzz of conversation. Everyone wanted to tell something about their partner. Becky laid down the ground rules, and cautioned everyone not to speak unless it had a happy ending, so to speak. Everybody laughed. Apparently, everyone did, have a happy ending, that is. The women went first, telling about their man's oral skills. then the men explaining that a blow job is the way to a man's heart, not through his stomach. There was more laughter, and it was clear that strangers had become friends.The days rolled by normally, that is, as normal as it is for swingers. The hyper intensity of the first days quieted down and sex became almost routine. Sex partners were fluid with sleeping arrangements rotating each night. All of the women had slept with every man and each of the men had been with every woman. There was one exception. The staff was never allowed to stay overnight with the visitors. Sex with them was only allowed before dinner. Becky and Bob didn't know how that happened, but they were told that's the way it had been from the start.Kevin and Becky were sleeping together for the first time since their hotel arrangement in March and he said, "Have you noticed that the staff's attraction to us is a little like the movie, Mutiny on the Bounty?""How do you mean, Kevin? That was about the hated Captain Bligh and the handsome Fletcher Christian on the Bounty. Apparently they didn't get along.""Yes, but they stopped in Tahiti where the women were enamored by the sailors. Even the youngest girls wanted to fuck them. It's like that here.""Then why are the men so eager to fuck us white women?""It's because of your pussies. Not just that they are a great place to park their cocks, but they love how you all are shaved and look like little girls down there.""So they think that shaved pussies are sexy?""That's a rhetorical question, Becky. Of course, and so do we."There was a pause for one night in the rotating mating ritual. Joy and Kevin, man and wife, were together again as if they were on a honeymoon. For the couple from Minnesota who had only begun to reap the benefits of an open marriage and swinging, their night together was like the first night of their honeymoon. The freedom of being with other partners ignited their passion for each other. That night was a romantic love fest.Things turned a little sour at the end of the second week. The women were grumbling about the treatment they received from one of the men. It was the Portuguese who was rough with them, even slapping them around and tying them up. Being bound while having sex wasn't the issue. It was the way he did it, hurting them at times. Sometimes he would push a banana in their cunts while he pleasured himself in their ass. One of the maids was almost asphyxiated when he held her head with him impaled in her throat. That's when the staff complained. It had to stop and teach this guy a lesson.Becky called the women together and they decided on a sex moratorium. It would be a sex holiday until the men followed their apology demands. It was a simple but mortifying arrangement. The men would be shackled like prisoners and the offended maid would milk each man one by one. Their cum would be saved in a cup with the Portuguese man drinking the collection.The men held out trying to avoid the unfair punishment to one of theirs. The ordeal only lasted a day. Finally, the men caved. It was a hot afternoon when the men were bound and made to stand in front of the accused. The offended maid, who was undoubtedly the most shapely staff member, began with the Spaniard. He held out for what seemed to be an eternity, It became obvious this was going to be a long afternoon.A tropical rain shower poured down on the proceedings getting everyone soaked. Their bodies were slick and glistened with an erotic luster. Water dripped off of noses, tits and the men's stout dicks, a very seductive sight. But the women had no intention of changing their minds.Kevin was next. The maid was gentle and serviced him in a proper way collecting his cum in the glass along with the Spaniard's. A half hour had passed since the start when the Italian unleashed an abundant contribution. Bob was next-to-last releasing his donation in just a few minutes.Finally, it was the Portuguese's turn. The maid was not gentle with him. She squeezed and tugged on his balls with one hand and roughly masturbated him into a violent climax. The glass was nearly full with an abundant amount of creamy male fluids.Bob pleaded his comrade's case and said the Portuguese shouldn't be forced to drink all of it. The other men agreed. The women didn't. Kevin offered a compromise. "Fill the rest of the glass with Vodka," he suggested. That was accepted.The maid walked behind the offender and brought the cum cocktail to his lips. He bulked at first. He refused to drink. The women were chanting, "Drink, drink, drink." Finally the maid strangled him with a scarf wrapped tightly around his neck. His mouth flew open as he gasped for air. Then she force fed the cocktail down his throat. The women yelped and applauded their approval.Sex on the island was never the same again until the middle of their final week. Carmen, the darling Spanish woman, had an announcement at dinner. Carmen's gypsy features made her look exotic, and she was petite in every respect except for her tits. She wore large breasts on a small frame. and her demeanor was delicate and understated.She said, "One of the reasons we came to the island was so that I can have a baby. I want to have a baby. My boyfriend and I have tried over the last two years with no success. The staff here has been very helpful as you might have noticed. However, tomorrow I'm at the peak of my fertility, and I need the help of each of you men. What I'm asking for is a gangbang after dinner tomorrow night. I think one of you have the sperm that will do the job. It would mean a lot to me. Also, I'm asking each volunteer to control your urges until tomorrow night, because I need a full load from each of you men. Do you think you can do that for me?"The men nodded in agreement, then Becky said, "What about us in the time being? What are we expected to do, be celibate?""No Becky," Carmen replied. "You still have some really energetic boy toys on the staff to play with."The men were beside themselves in anticipation of the great event. They all behaved as requested bulking up for their turn in her cunt. The other women cooperated like bridesmaids at a wedding helping Carmen prepare. They piled pillows under her hips to keep them raised so semen would not drip out but go to the intended target. The Portuguese woman suckled her nipples while Joy and Becky took turns at kissing and sucking her clit. As a result, she was very very ready when the first man slid into her. The Italian was first. He easily entered her slick tunnel with his thick six inches. It wasn't long before he shot his load right where it counted the most.Kevin was next but Becky told him to wait until the first load had settled in. Kevin kept stroking his cock staying hard until he pushed in past her crack. He felt the smoothness of another man's cum while penetrating her deep inside. Kevin ejaculated with a steady stream of cum that persisted in oozing out of Carmen's pussy. Joy told her to cross her legs to help keep everything in.Bob followed Kevin and took his time until a volcanic eruption gushed into her previously used love canal. The Portuguese was last and as expected, he was rough and almost savage, then dumped a bucket of cum onto her ending the breeding party. Carmen laid on the bed with her hips elevated, then fell asleep. None of the men were available for the rest of the night.Carmen was in great spirits the next morning at breakfast. She thanked everyone for their support and said that if women's intuition counted for anything, she was sure to give birth in the next nine months.The day after the gangbang party, Becky organized a farewell dinner and party on the beach. It would be an orgy for everyone including the staff. Bob reminded everyone that would be their last full day on the island. He told them to finish packing that afternoon because the freighter would be arrive at nine thirty in the morning and depart at ten.The orgy was an orgasmic triumph. The men tried their best not to cum so they could sample as many girls and women as possible. There are limits to that strategy. Eventually, the time comes where nothing can stop the flow. It just wells up inside a man's gut, then erupts all at once. A good man can do this two or three times at one setting. There was no shortage of good men at the party.The freighter was on time. The servants unloaded the ship for the next month's visitors and helped everyone carry their luggage on board. Kevin asked Bob and Becky, "Have you named the island yet?""No, we hadn't even thought of that, Kevin."Joy pitched in saying, "Well, how about calling it Paradise?""So that's it," Becky said. "From now on, it's Paradise Island."The trip back to Minnesota was long and uneventful except that Joy became seasick again on the freighter. At least she thought it was seasickness. During the next few weeks at home, Joy experienced a series of sicknesses like the one on the boat, then her period was late. Joy was never late. She thought it wasn't possible to be pregnant. After all, she was punctual about taking birth control pills. Maybe she slipped up once or twice at the island, however that was unlikely.The doctor confirmed her fears. He said accidents like this happen, and said she was due in February. Joy couldn't be sure who was the father. It was going to be hard to explain how a fair skinned blond Scandinavian couple from Minnesota have a baby with Mediterranean features. Even more difficult to explain would be a baby with dark skin. On the other hand, Joy knew that Carmen would have been delighted, black or white.

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