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Porn Teacher Fucks Student Porn On A Xxx Bench In School

What the fuck was I doing? I liked my life. Simple, straightforward. No mess, no fuss. "Work hard, keep your nose clean," my Dad always said. God rest his soul. I hadn't been out at night in months. Work, study, work, study. Get the job done. Prove my ex-wife wrong. I towelled off my hair and flossed. I shaved. It was unlike me to be doing something like this. Who was I kidding? The place I lived in looked like a motel. Half my clothes were still in a suitcase for God's sake. It was actually a third floor "studio apartment." Pfft. I had to turn sideways to get into the bathroom. After selling the family home and dividing the proceeds with my ex-wife, I moved in, with plans to "find somewhere more permanent" when the dust settled. Three years later I was still here. And it still looked like a motel. This was a chance to jump the rut. To do something different. To 'be' something different. I knew virtually no one. That made me nervous. But I was kind of excited. It was like a fresh start. Then again, these people must be pretty strange. For a moment I wondered if this was a good idea. Ugh. I was so confused. I was sitting on the end of my bed with my towel wrapped around my waist, thinking all these crazy thoughts. I shook my head and stood up, dropping the towel. I passed the full-length mirror leaning against the wall and stopped. I turned towards it. At least I still looked okay. There was no need to feel self-conscious about what shape I was in. Not yet anyway. I promised myself once more, to start jogging tomorrow. I still had the party to think of, so I also resolved not to drink too much and ruin everything. I reminded myself to try to keep my mouth shut as well. I figured I'd give the place an hour. At least I'd have something to talk about around the office water cooler. Heck, I might even learn something. I had a feeling in my gut I was going to enjoy myself though. My cock was thickening in agreement as I stood before the full-length mirror. "Down boy." I laughed and got dressed. It didn't take me long. I was closing the door behind me on the way out, when I took one last look inside. "I gotta do something about this apartment," I said. Half a block from the entrance to the Domina Flagrante, I parked my car. For a few moments I sat in it, getting up my courage. My hands were sweating and I watched, waiting to see if anyone arrived. I was ten minutes early so I had a few minutes. I turned the car mirror toward myself and fixed my purple tie. 'Fashionable and smart' was the look I was trying to project. Decked out in my dark grey suit, black button-down shirt and black shoes, I felt a little uncomfortable. Having not worn 'going out clothes' in a while, I felt strange and I didn't want to attract attention. I didn't want to stand out. I wanted to remain anonymous. An anonymous voyeur. That sounded a lot cooler than I felt. I watched a thirtyish, well-dressed couple enter the club, and I felt a little more comfortable. At least they looked... 'normal'. I winced and remembered my ex-wife's words. "Why can't you be 'normal' and do what other guys your age are doing..." I set my jaw. I looked at my watch. Okay let's do this. After getting out of the car, I locked it, and smoothed down my suit. I pulled my suit jacket tightly around me. Winter was coming. I took a deep breath and made my way. As I approached, I cast my eyes over the building. At night it felt much more imposing. It really stood out. There were a number of spotlights in the trees lighting up the black facade. I walked up to the front door and pressed the button on the intercom. "Domina Flagrante, how may I help you?" I was glad to hear Adrian's familiar voice. "Good evening Adrian, Roger Moore here," I said. "Greetings Sir, do come in. Mistress is expecting you." The door swung open, and a huge black man stood in my way momentarily, before scouting the street over my head, and stepping aside. "Mr. Moore? This is Jonathan, our Head of Security. He is paranoid." "Am not!" The black monolith boomed. He pushed Adrian in the shoulder and the weedy Englishman would have lost his footing if not for Jonathan catching and righting him just as quickly. "Just kiddin with ya man..." "You big oaf." They grinned at each other. "Excuse us Sir, Jonathan and I have known each other a long time." I smiled. At that moment a buzzer sounded and Adrian leaned into a speaker on the wall and gave his greeting. I heard the door open behind me but Jonathan had my attention. "May I take your jacket Sir? If you prefer you may keep it on for a while - there is also a coat room in the Main Hall." "I think I'll keep it on for a moment. Thanks Jonathan." I didn't know how long I was going to stay. "As you wish Sir. Mistress Chantelle is waiting for you in the Salon for cocktails. First set of double doors on your left, Sir." "Thank you again Jonathan." This was so posh. At that moment a large woman, the last to arrive I could only assume, rushed by me, dragging a younger man by a leash who was wearing leather pants with the ass cut out of them. I had to stifle a giggle. I turned back to Adrian who shrugged at me and took the two long coats he held in his hands into the cloak room. I reminded myself to keep an open mind... and a straight face... and a shut mouth. I turned and headed for the Salon. "Greetings Roger, so glad you could make it, and on time too." Chantelle held out her hand to me. I thought she was going to shake it, but she pulled Me close to her. My cheek was crisply kissed. I looked around and found myself right in the middle of a circle of people. So much for anonymity. "Roger I would like to introduce you to some of my friends." I nodded, scanning all the smiling faces. Everyone seemed so friendly. "This is Mistress Jane, and her sub Morris." I nodded and offered my hand to the completely normal looking, if not stylish, couple. "This is Alex, an old friend of mine. He's running for the governorship in March." He extended his hand and I shook it firmly. "Hello, nice to meet you." "And these two are Josephine and Andrea." "Pleased to meet you Sir," they chimed in unison, and curtseyed like ballerinas. "The pleasure is all mine." Chantelle winked at me so I winked back, completely clueless. "A drink Roger?" "I could do with a bourbon." "On the rocks?" I nodded. Chantelle passed my nod to Andrea, who took off for the bar. "Hello Roger, so good to see you again." I spun around wondering if someone from the law firm was there, and was met by the out-thrust hand of Claudio, from 'Jeremy's'. I shook his hand just as firmly and found the circle around me closed. I started to blush. Chantelle took advantage of my discomfort. "What's wrong Roger, don't like being the centre of attention?" "Ah, well, actually... " Claudio took me by the upper arm and pulled me beside him to enlarge the circle. "We all know Roger is vanilla Chantelle, give him a break. He must feel like a fish out of water." "Oh, you're no fun Claudio." "Thanks Claudio," I grinned. He leaned into my ear to speak privately. "I have everything organised for Saturday night Roger. Catering is now under control. I've invited a guest too, I hope that is okay." "Oh sure. I mean yes that's fine. And thanks Claudio." I was starting to get nervous about Saturday night. "Oh! Oh!" Chantelle exclaimed. "Everyone, Roger here is hosting a 'do' on Saturday night, and as long as you are well behaved, you are all invited." ''Everyone?' 'Hosting?' Jeez... "And I would like you all to make sure he enjoys himself, and leaves the Domina Flagrante happy with his decision to choose my humble establishment for his party." Faces were smiling and nodding. "I'm looking forward to it," said Claudio. "Can we come too Mistress?" Josephine asked. God she was a pretty thing. My eyes flicked down over her chest and she caught me doing it. She smiled at me as Chantelle responded. "Of course you can little one, I imagine volunteers will be required of course." "Mmmmm thank you Mistress," she said looking right at me. Andrea returned with my drink and thanked me for the pleasure. I returned the compliment and thanked her. She had dark red hair, with black streaks through it, and very fair skin. With the dark makeup around her eyes, she looked like she could do with a good meal. The next couple of minutes were a bit blurred. People asked me questions and I gave stock answers. What do you do? What are your plans for the future? That sort of thing. To be honest, I was caught up in my thoughts as I stood sipping my drink and trying to satisfy everyone's curiosity. What exactly did they do here? I mean, do they really whip people? Like really... whack! whack! whack! I looked around the gathering of Chantelle's friends. Like Josephine? Could she take a whipping? She was so tiny and cute. Black hair cut in a page boy style, with lots of earrings in each ear. I counted them. Five. In each ear! She noticed my attention and blushed, turning her eyes to the floor. Was she a slave kind of thing? Like, I could do anything to her? I flicked my eyes down to her chest and lingered for a moment on the prominent nipples that pressed against the sheer material covering them. Wow, they're pierced. That must have hurt. I looked up into her dark brown eyes and she flickered her lashes almost imperceptibly. She was looking right into my eyes and smiling a little. In the corner of my vision I saw Chantelle nudge Claudio with her elbow and nod. Josephine clasped her hands in front of her crotch and drew her arms a little straight. The effect was enough to make me notice my dick was getting hard. "Josephine..." "Yes Mistress," she replied, still with eyes on me. "Stop teasing Roger, and go and get prepared please. You know you are on in fifteen minutes." "Yes Mistress." Josephine blushed a shade darker than she already was. "Will I help Mistress?" asked Andrea. "Yes pet, you can strap her in." Pet? Strap her in? Just like that, they were gone, practically skipping out the double doors holding hands, and turning left. It was amazing how they did exactly what Chantelle told them to do. Or did they? It was kind of different. Like they were doing what they wanted to do. And headed to what fate? God, my mind was starting to swirl. All around people were smiling and chatting like in any upscale establishment. Everyone seemed to recognise each other though. What I found striking, was how terribly friendly everyone was. Hands being shaken and cheeks kissed. And polite. Some women, and even some of the men, had the backs of their hands kissed. It was all pretty subtle, but to me it was bizarre. It was amazing how conversations carried on right through it all. It was almost like a ritual. The ritual involved a lot of touching. Just hand to hand, lips to hand, or lips to cheek. Nothing amorous. It was all tasteful. But as the Salon filled with new arrivals, it became almost constant. As I was contemplating all of this, Chantelle slipped her arm into mine and spun me around. We were exiting the Salon with a whole hoard seemingly following us. "What's going on?" I asked. "Been off with the fairies Roger?" "I'm sorry, it's all a bit overwhelming." Chantelle leaned into me as we walked. She quickly explained that she hadn't received any requests for a public exhibition so far that night, and she needed to have a volunteer, and Josephine was the lucky girl chosen. "Lucky?" Public exhibition? Volunteer? "Yes Roger, lucky. I am not going to flog the skin off her..." "You're going to whip her?" "Indeed I am, but artfully. You would do well to watch closely." "Wow." Chantelle seemed to change and rise an inch or two taller as the double doors were opened before us by two muscular guys in black t-shirts with a big red "DF" on the front. Each wore communicators on their heads. I was ready to stick my fingers in my ears in case I was hit with the driving rhythms I heard last time I was shown this room, but orchestra music floated out the doors as they were opened. The quiet murmur of conversation stalled for just a moment as Chantelle and I led her throng into the hall. One of the waiters took my jacket. It felt like a banquet hall. Round tables were set out in an aesthetic pattern, and the stocks I saw last time I peeked in here were nowhere to be seen. I guessed the number of guests at around one hundred or so. The hall was barely half full. It looked very different from how it looked just this afternoon. The murmur of conversation returned as I walked side by side with Chantelle toward the tables right in front of the stage. They were very large round tables, with tablecloths, and water jugs, and glasses set up. Three waiters were hovering seemingly at the ready. Chantelle showed me to my chair, front and centre, and beckoned me to sit. My first reaction was to take her chair and guide her into it like a gentleman, but I balked at that, and looked around to see what others were doing. Everyone was looking at me, and I felt like they were waiting for me. In a split-second decision, I 'obeyed' her, and sat down. A big sigh of relief seemed to come from around me. I moved my chair in and everyone at the surrounding tables sat down and did the same. Chantelle leaned down and whispered in my ear over the din... "You are my personal guest this evening Roger. My guest always sits first. That is your privilege." "I see..." "And Roger... Don't help me to sit unless I ask you to." "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to be rude Chantelle," I said. "I know," she winked, "let me get us some drinks." She nodded towards a waiter wearing the exact replica of what one would imagine a waiter would wear, apart from the lack of a shirt. I looked around and noticed the waiters were all male. I shook my head and smiled. As if the females wouldn't be wearing shirts! In moments we had drinks put down in front of us. Chantelle leaned forward and spoke across me. "Claudio, be a dear and explain to Roger what is going on... I have to do my bit now." She smiled at me and downed her drink before standing and making her way to the right side of the low stage. It was only about four feet high, and as she walked across in front of it, I heard rustling from behind me, and when I turned around, I saw almost half the audience standing. I went to stand too and Claudio put his hand on my forearm and stopped me. "Guests need not stand." I noticed he didn't stand either. "Oh..." I said, less than intelligently. "The subs stand as a sign of respect when the Mistress of the establishment stands. Mind you, no one told them to do that. I can't remember when it started. But they do it all the time now." "I see..." I said. I was still clueless. I mean, what the hell was a 'sub'? There was movement in the semi-darkness. Andrea was leading Josephine out from the side of the stage on a leash. They stopped in front of the large shadowy 'X' in centre stage. A spotlight came on over a microphone at the side of the stage, and my eyes were drawn to it. Chantelle stepped into the beam of light, and the wall lighting in the hall dimmed. She slightly adjusted the microphone and took a sip of the new drink in her hand. "Welcome members and guests. As we clearly have the best behaved subbies here tonight," she smiled and shook her head, "I am going to provide an exhibition, and kindly Josephine has volunteered." Warm, soft applause and "oohh's" and "aaahh's" came from behind us. Claudio and I joined in, clapping quietly. Three spotlights cut through the darkness and illuminated Josephine. Andrea had disappeared. Everyone quietly applauded again. The plentiful light aided me in identifying the shackles, wrist, and ankle cuffs that held her spread-eagled, and in place. She was facing the audience and her eyes darted around, squinting through the spotlights. She saw me and seemed to smile but it was hard to tell. She had a pink ball strapped into her mouth between her teeth. She was covered from shoulder to mid-thigh in a thin, gauzy, light-blue material, which was almost see-through. The sight set my cock stirring in my pants. She kept looking at me too. "St. Andrew's Cross," said Claudio. "The big X?" "Yeah." Music with a strong beat started. Andrea reappeared from the left of the stage, carrying a hot pink flogger across her hands. She kneeled down before Chantelle and bowed her head, raising the flogger up like an offering. Before taking the flogger in her hands, Chantelle shrugged the floor length, black silk dress she was wearing off her shoulders. It dropped to the floor in an inky puddle and she stepped out of it. A round of quiet applause and murmuring accompanied this startling event. Chantelle stood proudly, dressed only in what appeared to be a quality set from Victoria's Secret. Tight black French knickers hugged her ass and she was almost busting out of the black three-quarter cup bra she was wearing. She looked awesome and her body was better than I imagined it would be. The look was made complete by the shiny, black, knee-high boots she wore. Being up on the stage, and with the heels of the boots, she looked a foot taller than she was. She stood strongly and proudly, without even a hint of embarrassment. Her dark brown hair was up in a pony tail, and with a whip in her hand, Chantelle looked like a dream and a nightmare at the same time. She took the flogger from Andrea, who then scurried away. My cock stiffened further in my slacks. Chantelle turned, facing Josephine on the cross. She raised the pink flogger in her hand and began swinging it through the air in a side-to-side motion. It was almost like she was watering the garden with a hose. She looked like she was in a trance. I watched her carefully. The handle was held quite low, and perpendicular to the ground. The movements were laconic, almost lazy, or was it a timing thing? Either way, there was a kind of disinterest in the way Chantelle swung the sma
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ll pink whip through the air. Like she was teasing Josephine. Close but not touching. The 'swish swish swish' of the flogger through the air became the only sound in the hall as the crowd settled and was all but silent. I was getting uncomfortably hard and squirmed a little in my chair, rearranging my package. Claudio leaned into my ear and whispered. "Watch Josephine, Roger." Josephine was actually arching up off the cross trying to reach the whip. I couldn't believe it. Her fists were clenched and her body bowed in the middle as she strained to push her hips forward. My breath caught in my chest as I watched her watching Chantelle. Her eyes were ablaze with... something. Passion? No. Excitement? Maybe. Need? It couldn't be. But that's what seemed to fit best. Need. The 'swish swish swish' of the flogger became punctuated by a 'snick' sound as Chantelle made contact with Josephine's mid-section. By my reckoning, it was a few inches above her pubic region. By raising or lowering her arm a similar distance, Chantelle began to 'snick-flog' Josephine from the top of her pussy, to just below her breasts. The way she was using the flogger tonight was different from the way she showed me in her office this afternoon. I was fascinated. I looked around. Everyone was intently watching the scene. As I went from face to face I wondered if Chantelle or Josephine had their attention? I shook my head clear of all the questions I had, and turned back. Josephine still was arching her body at the whip, but had begun whimpering and moaning softly. The arc Chantelle passed the whip through was now wider. The 'snick' sound was louder. My cock was harder. I pushed it down the leg of my slacks. "She is so good at this." It was Claudio again. "Yes she seems to even like it." "I meant Chantelle, Roger." "Oh yes, of course." "... But you are right." "Hmmm?" I could barely drag my eyes away. "Josephine. She enjoys the flogger." "Doesn't it hurt?" "Not like you imagine." "I see..." I could see a sheen of perspiration twinkling in the lights reflected off the two women. Chantelle caught the tails of the flogger in her hand mid-swish. She lifted it up something like a slingshot, and flicked it at Josephine, hitting her squarely on the slope of her left breast. Josephine moaned and trembled. Even her thighs were trembling! This was the method Chantelle showed me against the desk in her office. I sat up straighter in my chair. 'Fffwap' was the only way I could make sense of the sound. 'Fffwap... fffwap... fffwap... ' with irregular pauses in between, like Chantelle was taking careful aim. Josephine seemed to know which breast Chantelle was about to flog and twisted her body after each 'fffwap', to present the other breast. Her soft moaning was almost continuous, punctuated by an 'ugh', each time the tails of the flogger hit. It was intoxicating to watch. Josephine's attire was becoming stuck to her body with sweat. She may as well have been naked. For three or four minutes she had her breasts flogged. She let out little cries of what seemed like anguish now and again. On one occasion I looked across at Claudio, and he had his eyes fixed on the stage and was smiling and nodding softly to himself. Like he knew what was going on. I was to find out later, Josephine had four orgasms while being flogged. Four! Chantelle ceased her front-on 'attack' and moved around to Josephine's side. In this position she was able to whip Josephine in the way one usually imagines a whipping would take place. But in a manner similar to 'watering the garden', it was reasonably gentle, and certainly not 'hard'. The tails of the whip were directed at, and hit, Josephine's pubic mound. I know this not just because it looked like it, but because the shift of thin material she was wearing had molded to her every curve. Even that of her pussy. It was plainly visible. Josephine's reaction to Chantelle flogging her pussy was instantaneous. Chantelle was muttering something to Josephine while swinging the flogger. I have no idea what it was. All I know is, at the first strike, Josephine shuddered and moaned loudly. The crowd burst into slightly more energetic applause and I joined in. On and on it went with the strikes to Josephine's pussy occasionally surprising her by being directed instead at her breasts. She was dripping with perspiration, and still she strained against her bonds, reaching with her body for the tails of the flogger. Finally there was a 'Fap! Fap! Fap!' as Chantelle hit Josephine firmly in the pussy three times, and she moaned even louder. "Aaaooohhhhh..." The amazing scene played out before my eyes, came to a sudden halt as the spotlights dimmed on the stage and the wall lighting in the hall returned to normal. When we finished applauding, I looked around at all the smiling faces, and Claudio asked what I thought. "Wow!" Was all I could think of to say! Everyone joined in laughing and clinking glasses with me. I just smiled back. The waiters returned for new orders, and I figured one more drink wouldn't hurt. I looked at my watch. Wow indeed. It was almost half-past midnight. But I didn't want to leave. A couple of minutes later everyone stood up and applauded as a radiant Chantelle led a blushing Josephine out from a small door next to the stage. They had both changed clothes, and apart from Josephine seeming a bit hyper, it was like nothing had happened. Waiters fussed as Chantelle took her seat and a cushion was placed between our chairs at the table. I was about to ask what it was for, when Josephine knelt on it right beside me. Another cushion was placed between Claudio and I, and Andrea scooted in between us. On the one hand, I felt like a king! On the other, well... I was very uncomfortable! My cock of course had 'some' manners, and was resting thickly down the right leg of my pants. But every few minutes or so, it was like I was attacked, with not just Josephine, but also Andrea, taking turns caressing the top and inside of the thigh closest to them. In the meantime, I was bombarded with questions and answered one after the other. "What did you think?" "Have you ever seen anything like that before?" "Have you ever felt one in your hands?" "Did you like it?" Then Chantelle piped up. "Would you like to try it?" The table hushed and waited for my response. "I um, I don't think so... I ah, I don't think I could take the pain." "Well I think you would surprise yourself, but I was talking about flogging, not being flogged, Roger." "Oh... jeez... I don't know. I've never raised my hand to anyone before... I don't think I could do it." "That's a good thing Roger, one never swings a whip in anger." "I see..." I didn't really see at all. I wanted to talk to her about it, and ask some questions. I wanted to talk to Josephine too. I wanted to ask Claudio if he ever did it. I looked down at Josephine and smiled... I wanted lots of things. But I remembered my promise to myself to just observe. To just watch. So I listened. "Chantelle," said Claudio, "what do you like most about it?" "My dear Claudio, you know me... a more specific question I will answer, but amongst friends I am loathe to dominate discussions..." She winked at him. Claudio smiled warmly at her, like a brother. "Apologies my dear... I meant, 'What do you most enjoy about the use of the flogger?' " "Hmmm, a tough question..." Josephine was squirming next to me like she had something to say and was stopping herself. Chantelle continued, and ignored her. "I think it works on three equally important levels. Firstly it turns me on. Secondly, to practice an art, in a manner which I feel is 'well practiced', is fulfilling. And thirdly, I like it because I can do it. I can use it for discipline, or for pleasure, because it is my right." "Well said," responded Claudio. "It turned Roger on too! I could tell," Josephine shrieked, beaming up at me. "Josephine, mind your manners!" Chantelle scolded. "It's all right," I sat up in my chair, "she's not wrong." Chantelle pursed her lips at me. She then turned her attention to Josephine and pinched her on the arm quite hard. Josephine just pouted and sat back on her heels, crossing her arms. "Ok, well everyone, thank you all for another wonderful evening. It is almost one o'clock and I have an important day tomorrow." Nods and a couple of "awww's" came from around the table. Chantelle stood. Everyone else at our table stood, and I could hear many others in the hall doing the same thing. I stood as quickly as I could. Chantelle shook Claudio's hand across me, and she leaned into me as Josephine scooted backwards and stood also. "Let's have a chat," she whispered to me. It wasn't a request. I nodded. Chantelle, ever the consummate host, worked her way around the table, thanking everyone for coming, and ensuring they knew they could all stay as long as they wanted. I followed her and also said my goodbyes, shaking hands and kissing cheeks. "Be well everyone, " Chantelle said finally, and took my hand and led me out one of the side doors and I guessed toward her office. "Come on Josephine take my hand." From over my shoulder, Josephine scooted up next to Chantelle on her other side. I didn't know she was coming. I smiled to myself. "Enjoy yourself Roger?" We were mounting the big Victorian staircase, and her office was at the end of the hall upstairs. "It's been amazing Chantelle, just amazing..." "I'm pleased," she said. Josephine was beaming across at me. Chantelle slid a black plastic card into a slot beside her office door. I hadn't noticed that before. Something beside the door, inside the wall, clicked and whirred and the door opened. Chantelle led us into her den and fluttered her fingers at her coat rack. I went to hang up my jacket but Josephine took it from me, and Chantelle asked if I wanted a drink. "Nothing for me thanks, I still have to drive back uptown." "You could always get a taxi and pick your car up tomorrow, Roger." I didn't feel like refusing. "Ok, how about something that suits the mood?" "Leave it to me. Josie, take Roger back to the lounge area will you, and make him comfortable." "Yes Mistress," she giggled and grabbed my hand, hurrying me through the black drapes behind Chantelle's desk. I thought the drapes covered a wall, but they were a divider! Josephine was almost dragging me over to what ended up being a big black leather couch. I could hardly see, the lights were down so low. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust. I'd just settled in the sumptuous couch when a silhouette of Chantelle entered between the drapes carrying a tray. As my eyes adjusted I saw Josephine holding the drapes open, then take the tray from Chantelle's hands. "Thank you Josephine, you may serve Roger now." I heard her giggle and could see enough that her white teeth were shining in a smile at me. "It's so dark in here, let me bring up the lights a little," said Chantelle. I swallowed when I could see properly. From where I sat, there was all kinds of stuff around me. To be honest, half of it I wouldn't even know what it was for, let alone what it was called. The other half, well, there were whips hung on the walls, whips and floggers. There were some chains embedded in the wall up high, hanging down with big leather cuffs at the end of them. Lots of things. I wanted to look around but when I glanced back at Josephine, I swallowed again. Chantelle settled other at the end of the couch, sipping what looked like port. "Come on pet, serve the man." "Yes Mistress," Josephine grinned. At first I thought she had changed again. Or taken her top off. In any case, I watched intently as this topless goddess approached me. Her small hands held the tray she carried as delicately as she could. She almost flowed across the room to me. Her fine breasts jiggled beautifully, and for the first time I noticed the faint tinkle of little bells around her ankles. Her hips swaying seductively, she walked slowly, her skin looking almost golden in the half light. She knelt smoothly before me, one leg then the other, which served only to heighten my growing arousal, as I glimpsed the shadows between her legs. She was almost touching my foot with her knee. Then from this upright kneeling position, she sat back on her heels, her knees opening widely and proudly displaying a hairless, and very pink and glistening pussy. I almost choked. "It's okay Roger, Josephine likes to be admired." My mouth was so dry, I hoped sound would come out when I spoke. "She is very beautiful." "She certainly is." When I glanced across at Chantelle, I saw she was also drinking in the sight. I turned back and Josephine lifted the tray holding the single small glass of deep red liquor, with her hands placed under it. She was smiling and her eyes were on mine. As she brought up the tray she began to speak. As she spoke, she tipped her head a little forward, and her eyes were hidden by her dark hair. "I hope my serve has met with your pleasure Sir, welcome." I took up the glass in my hand, my eyes, one more time, scanning over this kneeling beauty. I didn't know what to say, so I just smiled at her. She held her position, and didn't move a muscle. I glanced over at Chantelle who was now looking at me and smiling. "You say, 'thank you for your serve Josephine' or something like that." I smiled back and nodded to her. Turning back to Josephine I said, "thank you for a truly beautiful serve Josephine, you have topped a wonderful evening." I glanced back at Chantelle who raised her glass to me and laughed. "Oh Roger, you are too funny. Topped? Oh, ahahahahaaa..." "Sorry?" I was at least smiling... what had I said? Josephine was giggling at me and covering her mouth. Finally she managed to say, "you are welcome Sir, please enjoy," before collapsing into another fit of giggles. "Okay, okay, settle down now little one. Relax." Chantelle smiled. "Yes Mistress," she said. She slid her legs underneath herself and pulled a nearby cushion over to sit on. She sat in this chaste, half-kneeling position with her hands comfortably in her lap and grinned at me. Except of course she was topless. Which was very distracting. Very nice too. Her grin softened and she simply smiled at me as a silence descended over the room. She didn't have a drink. I sipped at mine and it was extraordinary. "Mmmmmm..." I said, "this is beautiful." "Glad you like it." "I'll have to..." "Roger?" Chantelle interrupted. I gave her my attention. She smiled at me again. I got worried I might have done something else wrong. "I just wanted you to know you are welcome here, you know, to come back if you wish. I will have Adrian organise a membership for you." "That's very generous of you." "Well, yes it is actually. They are over a thousand dollars usually." "Chantelle... really, I couldn't, it's out of my league..." "Nonsense! You are a member, and that's that." "I'm very honoured." I felt spoiled was what I felt. "Good choice of words Roger. It's what I wanted to talk about with you." "Honour?" "Yes, 'honour.' I find you an honorable man. A trustworthy and honest man. One who can walk with his head held high, despite what he has been through, or may go through. I like you, and I think you like us." "Thank you Chantelle." "Welcome. Besides that, you have helped me in ways you don't know, and I am determined to make Saturday night a success for you. I am happy to show my appreciation for that." "We helped each other Chantelle, don't forget that." "Yes I know, now stop being so cute and drink up. Josephine, be a dear and arrange a taxi for Roger will you? I don't want him late for work in the morning." Josephine hopped up and slipped out through the drapes without a word. "Thank you for your hospitality Chantelle, this has been an amazing evening." "Yes, and I am sure you have lots of questions about it." "Yes I do actually." "I am very tired Roger, perhaps when you return tomorrow to get your car, you could come and see me, and we can talk then." "I would like that very much. I have to get the invitations out and do a few things for my boss, but I should be free by lunch time." "I will be having lunch at Jeremy's with Claudio at one o'clock. Would you care to join us?" "I wouldn't want to impose." "Roger, I wouldn't ask you along if you were imposing. Now meet me there at one, okay? "I would love to," I grinned. "Good boy," she grinned back and winked. "We'll have a talk about the lifestyle then, and you can ask us any questions you like." "That will be great." "Your enthusiasm is intoxicating Roger." "It's all so... I don't know... surreal, and yet, it has a kind of beauty." "What does Roger?" "Everything. Everything I've seen. This place. You. The manners. The way you used that flogger... I mean, wow. Josephine too." I felt like I was talking to much. "Yes Josephine likes you too, that is clear." "I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes." "Oh, don't worry about that." She had caught my meaning I was sure. At almost the same moment, I finished my port and Josephine returned and stood with her hands clasped in front of herself. "Yes pet?" "Mr. Moore's taxi is waiting Mistress." "Thank you pet, you may retire for the night." "Thank you Mistress. Good night Mr. Moore, I hope you enjoyed your evening." "Thank you too Josephine, and yes, I did very much." She grinned at me and appeared to brush something from her chest, drawing my eyes to her hard little nipples once again. "Go on little one," then to me, "she is such a tease." "Well she's a very cute one." Josephine skipped out between the drapes and we both watched her. "That she is." Chantelle finished her drink and got up from the lounge. "Come on then, I'll walk you down." She slipped her arm through mine and rested her head on my shoulder. I parted the drapes for us and we walked through. I heard her yawn and yawned myself. We walked slowly and quietly. Almost like old lovers.

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