Collage With Girls Sucking Cock Until The Slob Jump In Their Mouth

Collage With Girls Sucking Cock Until The Slob Jump In Their Mouth

As you may recall from Chapter One, upon returning from a week long business trip, my husband, Aaron, introduced me to a porn site he claimed that he had stumbled across. Initially, I was reluctant to watch these very graphic videos, however, Aaron persuaded me to give one video a try.He selected a fourteen-minute clip from the genre of amateur wife sharing. I sat on the couch next to my husband riveted as we watched a video of a very attractive blonde wife being soundly fucked by a powerfully built black man with his a very large erection while her husband not only watched but filmed the action. Aaron convinced me that these were not porn actors, playing a role, but actual amateurs.    I responded to the torrid scenes on the screen and the woman’s loud and powerful orgasms in a profound manner. I insisted that my husband took me to the bedroom where he provided me with one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. It was a very naughty but wonderfully sexually fulfilling evening of sex with the only man with whom I been intimate, my husband.  The next day, Aaron and I discussed my surprisingly strong reaction to the video. There was no denying that the scenes of that attractive blonde wife climaxing while being pounded repeatedly by her black lover had played a major role in my powerful orgasm.  I expressed shock that any husband would allow his wife to be pleasured that way by another man. Aaron surprised me when he confessed that not only did he understand the man allowing his wife to have that experience, my husband went on to admit that he sometimes fantasized about another man pleasing me in a similar manner.  Of course, I told him I could never do such a thing, nor would I want to; however, the idea continued to haunt me for the next several weeks and became an ongoing part of my masturbation fantasies. I convinced myself that I could safely explore these fantasies in my imagination without ever succumbing to the temptation to act them out. It was a wicked but harmless imaginary game I was playing.  I considered sharing my fantasies with Aaron, but something stopped me… perhaps it was shame… or perhaps I feared that if he knew that these thoughts aroused me so, he would attempt to make them a reality. Nonetheless, these thoughts became a mainstay of my masturbatory fantasies.   *** Shortly after the school year had ended for the summer break, Aaron called me from work. “Anne, I have to go to Houston for a week long training session next week.   What do you think about joining me?   It would be like a free vacation for you.”  “What would we do with the girls?” I asked.  “I already talked with my parents. They said they’d love to keep them if we drop them off in Austin on our way to Houston. My mom is thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them. My folks will spoil them rotten for the week.”  “So we’d drive over?”   I asked. “Yeah, the company will pay me a mileage allowance. We’ll stay at the Marriott where the training is being held, so you can use the car during the day to meet with some of your girlfriends or go shopping, or whatever you like.”  “Sounds like fun. I’m in. Saturday is your birthday. Maybe we can do something special in the big city.”   *** We drove to Aaron’s parents’ home outside of Austin on Friday afternoon, dropped off the girls, before proceeding on to Houston.   We checked into our room around 6:30 p.m. The room had two queen sized beds, a small sitting area with a two person love seat, and a desk. Aaron immediately grabbed the ice bucket and headed down the hall. I began unpacking, hanging my dresses in the closet.    Aaron returned moments later with a bucket of ice and two cokes. He placed his suitcase on one of the beds, opened it and retrieved a bottle of Jack Daniels and filled two hotel glasses with ice, bourbon, and coke.He handed me one of the glasses and said, “Here's to a fun-filled week of adventure with the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the state of Texas.”  “Well, thank you kind sir,” I replied as we clinked our glasses together before taking a sip. Aaron then handed me a large gift-wrapped box.  "Aaron, what is this?" I inquired. I was not expecting any gifts."It's a little present for you. I would like you to wear this on our birthday date tomorrow night.""Oh, honey, that's so sweet, but you shouldn’t have. It’s your birthday.""Actually, seeing you wear this is a gift for me." I looked at him, puzzled, not quite understanding how an outfit for me was a gift for him.He nodded towards the box and said, "Open it. Try it on."I opened the box to find a beige silk blouse, a dark brown wrap-around skirt, and a pair of brown pumps. "Try them on," he instructed.    I stripped to my bra and panties as Aaron watched, and I donned the new outfit. It fit perfectly; however, it was far more revealing than anything I owned. The silk blouse was very low cut and quite diaphanous. You could clearly see my bra through the thin silky material. And the plunging neckline was lower that the top of my bra. The skirt had a slit running up the front reaching nearly to my crotch. It flared open as I walked, revealing my entire upper thigh.I am conservative by nature, in my conduct, demeanor, and dress. I was simply not comfortable dressing in a manner others would call 'sexy', so this outfit caught me by surprise. However, I did not want to appear ungrateful for the gift."Honey, I can't wear this out in public. You can see right through this blouse. Everyone will see my bra. I'd be too embarrassed.""Anne, I don't want you to wear a bra with this. No panties either," he said calmly, without emotion.All I could do was look at him in disbelief. Surely, he was not serious. I searched his face for a grin, some indication that he was joking; that he knew how absurd this request was. But I saw no sign that Aaron was kidding. He seriously wanted to take me out to some bar or club dressed this way, with my nipples exposed and my vagina barely hidden beneath the slit of the skirt."Honey, I couldn't. I'd be mortified if anyone we knew saw me dressed like this," I continued to protest."Anne, we are more than five hundred miles from home. You are not going to see anyone you or I know. It will be fun and exciting.  Before you say no, at least model it for me. Take off your bra and panties, and put on the blouse, skirt, and pumps."I knew I was not going to wear this outfit in public, but I saw little harm in modeling it for my husband in the privacy of our hotel room. Since tomorrow was his birthday, I decided to be as seductive as possible with my show."Should I change here, or go to the bathroom?" I asked coyly."Oh, definitely change here, where I can watch," he responded with a slight edge to his voice. "There are so many things I would like to watch you do.""There are? Such as?" I asked, as I reached under the skirt and slowly removed my panties. I folded them neatly and handed them to him, "Would you hold these for me? You know I'm naked under this skirt now?""I know you are." I then slowly unbuttoned my blouse, removed it, unhooked my bra, and handed it to Aaron. "Can I trust you to keep track of my undergarments tonight?"  “Tonight and tomorrow night, baby.”Before putting the beige silk blouse back on, I sat on the edge of the bed, topless, and strapped up the pumps that Aaron had bought for me. As I buckled the straps around my ankles, I looked at my husband as seductively as I could and inquired rhetorically, "You like seeing me like this, don't you?""Oh, god, yes."I stood up and put the silk blouse on over my naked breasts. My nipples were fully erect. I glanced in the mirror as I buttoned the blouse, and was taken aback at how exposed I was."Aaron, you can see straight through this blouse. You can see my areolas as plainly as if I was not wearing a blouse. Oh, my god! What would people think if they saw me like this? There is no way I could go out in public like this!"My nipples looked like firm little pebbles under the beige material."Anne, you look gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. You would have every man in the place drooling… and hard."The fact that Aaron seemed to want other men to look at me, and to get aroused in doing so, confused me."You're not serious? You wouldn't really take me out to a club or bar dressed like this, would you?""Anne, I would love to take you out and show you off a bit. You are so beautiful. I want others to see how very beautiful and sexy you are. I like thinking of you being naughty.""What kind of naughty things to you imagine me doing?" I asked. I was intrigued by Aaron's new found interest in my appearance.Aaron walked up behind me; holding his cocktail in his left hand, he turned me facing the mirror over the dresser. He then reached over my shoulder to cup my right breast in his right hand."Oh, some very naughty things indeed. I like thinking about you being naughty."  “Just how naughty?” I asked, playing along.Aaron took a long sip of his drink and then continued, "Anne, I imagine taking you to a very special club, dressed exactly like you are now, and allowing the men to dance with you, to get you drunk and get you all wound up for me."I felt his penis throbbing against my back as he talked. This scenario clearly excited him.  My head started spinning. 'Did he just tell me he wanted to use other men for foreplay? Surely, he was jesting - or testing me!'  “What kind of special club?” I asked, somewhat confused.  “Anne, I read about a club here in Houston where husbands can take their wives to dance with other men.”  “You’re joking, right?”  “Not at all. The name of the club is Wish’s. I read about it online.”  "Aaron, I could never do that. I don't want to dance with other men. I want you to wind me up, not some stranger in a bar." I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts. "And what if we ran into someone we knew? What if one of our friends or someone you or I work with saw me dressed like this, dancing with other men?"I saw Aaron smile a bit. I realized that he inferred from my last comment that I was considering doing this."Anne, we are a long way from home, and this club is very private, somewhere none of our friends would go."I began to realize he was serious. He really wanted me to dress like this and to dance with other men. I also realized something else that shocked me; I could feel the pulse in my clitoris and I was lubricating as we talked about this absurd scenario. Without any panties on to absorb my secretions, my inner thighs were becoming wet as my juices seeped out of my vagina, which was now on 'high alert'.It had been years since I felt my vagina 'wake up' on its own and start to lubricate without any manual stimulation. The fact that I was responding to the thought of being exposed and passed around on a dance floor confused and scared me. I remembered my vivid fantasies of late. Perhaps I was not as nice and pure as I liked to believe I was?"Aaron, I just couldn't bring myself to do something like that, even if you really wanted me to," I argued,
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"but I must admit, the scenario is exciting. We can pretend and role play… but actually doing it? I just couldn’t."“Baby, it would be just harmless foreplay. You wouldn’t have to go any further than you wanted.” I could not help moaning as Aaron continued to tease my very erect nipples through the thin material of my blouse. "Aaron, this is a bad idea. And I'd be too embarrassed - and you are the only man I want to dance with."I looked in the mirror and could see the expression on his face sadden a bit. "Why would you want me to dress like this, and have other men dance with me?""I told you, I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I want other men to see it too. And I want them to desire what I have." Aaron stopped briefly. I continued to feel his penis throbbing and pulsing against my back; he was aroused thinking about me doing this.He took another drink of his cocktail, and continued, "And I want to see you get aroused as these men fawn over you, lust after you, and desire you.""What if they got 'fresh' on the dance floor? What if they tried to feel me up or grind into me? They might, you know.""Oh, I fully expect that they would. I know they would.""What would you expect me to do then?"I am ashamed to admit this, but the thought of doing this was gaining some appeal. I had not dated a lot of boys before I met Aaron. I was woefully inexperienced when Aaron and I met.  I never really had any experiences where I really felt sexy and desirable. The image teasing other men on the dance floor made me feel just that, sexy and desirable, and oh-so-very naughty. "I'd expect you to let them feel you a little bit, to tease them. I would want you to allow them to think they had a chance with you that night. I'd want you to let them grind into you. Maybe you’d even reach down for a second and feel how big they are.  The single men who come to this club know that husbands bring their wives there to share them.   They would fully expect to touch you, caress you on the dance floor."'Oh, my god!' I felt like a shot of adrenaline just pulsed through my erect clitoris when my husband suggested I feel another man's erect penis to see how big he is! I almost moaned at the thought of doing so, and I could now feel my lubrication seeping out of me."And what would you be doing while these strangers were feeling up your wife and grinding their erections into her? Would you be dancing with other women and feeling them up, too?"My tone revealed a level of jealousy and irritation that caught me by surprise. I certainly did not want my husband feeling and grinding on other women. I was honestly confused by the fact that he wanted other men touching me."Of course not. I'd be sitting at the bar, or at a table, enjoying the show, watching these guys wind you up for me. I'd be so proud of you, knowing that these guys wanted you so badly, but also knowing that at the end of the evening you were coming home with me. And knowing that when we got back to the hotel I was going to get the most wonderful birthday present ever... to make love with my beautiful wife."I felt a bit dizzy trying to process all this. I felt a level of anxiety as I tried to assess what Aaron was proposing. Was this a test, or a trick? Was Aaron setting a trap to test my loyalty or fidelity? I simply did not know."What if you got jealous? What if you saw some young guy feeling me up, and you got mad? Mad at him, or worse, mad at me? Especially, if I was responding to his touch.""Anne, I promise you, I won't get mad. I will think you are so hot, so beautiful, so sexy. I will be grateful to you for doing this. I know you'll be doing this for me, and I won't get mad.""I still think this is a bad idea," I said in protest, but clearly my opposition was waning."Well, think about it, okay?" I simply shrugged and gave a very noncommittal nod, but said nothing. Aaron turned me around, looked me over from head to toe, and said, "My god, you are a beautiful and sexy woman."He kissed me deeply, slowly running his right hand up the front slit of my skirt to my erect clitoris. I moaned when he found the erect little nubbins. I was far more sensitive than normal.Aaron broke the kiss for a moment, "Anne, you are so wet down here! This arouses you too, doesn't it?"I looked at the floor, ashamed of my arousal, and I nodded and said, "I guess it does a little bit, but that does not mean I want to do it." Honestly, I was confused by my husband’s request as well as my reaction to it. On one hand, I was offended that Aaron thought so little of me that he thought I would even consider doing such a thing. However, I cannot deny the fact that these thoughts aroused me.   “You need to take me to dinner, okay?” I instructed, wanting to put this very delicate subject to rest, at least for the time being. I changed into a more appropriate outfit and we went to Aaron’s favorite restaurant, 'Taste of Texas,' a very exclusive steakhouse in Houston. The subject of tomorrow’s outfit or things I might or might not do for my husband’s birthday did not come up again over dinner. We returned to the hotel after dinner and we prepared for bed. It had been a long day and we were both tired. We had a nice ‘cuddle fuck’ before drifting off to sleep. I did not climax and was too confused and too tired to masturbate afterwards. Besides, in my exhausted state, I did not need the release to fall asleep tonight. The next morning, I awoke, rested and horny. I guess the discussion from the previous night had caught up with me and I wanted to cum. I considered just masturbating quietly with my husband asleep next to me, but something stopped me. Even though I knew I might be unable to climax with him, I wanted my husband to fuck me. I rolled over and slid my hand down Aaron’s belly. I was pleased to find that he had a wonderful case of morning wood.  I stroked Aaron’s erection as he stirred to consciousness. He climbed between my legs, positioning himself to mount me. My arousal, coupled with the semen Aaron had deposited inside me the previous evening, made his entry easy.  “Happy birthday, baby,”  I said as he started sliding in and out of me more vigorously now. “Thank you. My birthday is starting out really well so far.”  “Oh god, Aaron, you feel good. I like it when you get this hard,” I moaned as I used my heels on his tight ass to spur him deeper. Then Aaron surprised me by asking, "Are you going to let me take you to that club tonight? And dance with other men for me?" I thought to myself, ‘what harm can it do to play along for a bit while he fucks me? I mean it is his birthday.’So I said, "Do you really want me to? Do you really want me to let strange men grind against me, and feel me up on the dance floor?” I moaned clenching my vagina to hug his cock. “Oh, honey, they’d rub their hard cocks against me while you watch?   They’d be making me so wet for you, baby.  I could feel Aaron’s cock swell as he imagined the scene I was describing, so I carried on, “And you said you didn’t want me to wear my bra and panties. What if they tried to finger me right there while you watched? Would you really want to see another man stick his fingers inside your wife's tight twat?""Anne, I would be so turned on seeing you like that."The very thought of some stranger sticking his hand in my vagina was pushing Aaron closer to the edge. In fact, I was getting pretty wound up just talking about it. He took my legs and placed them on top of his shoulders, lifting my ass off the bed as he started pounding my pussy. In this position, the head of his cock was striking the front wall of my vagina, stimulating my g-spot.  If he could hold back a bit, I might be able to cum.   “Oh god, Aaron, you’re driving me crazy… fuck, just like that… just like that… fuck, don’t stop… fuck me harder.”  "Anne, tell me that you'll dance with other men tonight... that you'll let them touch you."All I could do was moan, but Aaron wanted me to say it."Tell me you'll do it, Anne. Tell me!" he commanded me to speak.I moaned more loudly, bucking my hips as my husband fucked me, slamming his cock into my dilated pussy. I was so close.  I wanted to cum. He withdrew fully, only to suddenly plunge back inside his naughty wife. He was punishing my swollen pussy, forcing me closer and closer to orgasm."Tell me you'll let them touch your breasts and vagina... tell me you'll let them finger you. Tell me." Aaron's words were creating an image in my mind that was pushing me over the edge."Oh god… Aaron, I’m going to cum… don’t stop… yes… I’ll do it... anything you want… just fuck me! Oh god, you feel good… I'll do anything you want..."Merely saying those words pushed me over the edge. I started to climax. I felt the first spasm crash across me. I reached up and grabbed my nipples, squeezing them tightly between my thumbs and forefingers as my orgasm overtook me. I was arching my back, my buttocks off the bed, pushing forward to meet my husband's thrusts. My lubrication was flowing out of my dilated vagina, dripping down the crack of my ass. My aroused scent was now filling the room.“Oh god… I’m there… oh, don’t stop… deeper…oh please... harder…fuck me hard… oh shit!” I screamed as I bucked my hips as wave upon wave of pleasure overtook me. This orgasm rocked my core as pleasurable spasms crashed across my abdomen.After the third wave of spasms overtook me, I needed to stop. I was exhausted. My belly ached. I was dizzy and felt like I might actually pass out. I grunted incoherently as my entire body quivered with pleasurable convulsions. I felt like I might faint."Tell me that you'll dance with other men tonight. Tell me you'll let them touch you... promise me," Aaron insisted."Oh god, I promise! I'll do whatever you ask..." my moans were barely coherent.  Once the fourth orgasmic wave had passed over me, I grabbed my husband’s waist and held it still. “Aaron, I need to stop, please…I cannot take any more,” I pleaded.Aaron plunged deep into me and stiffened.   I could feel his erection pulsing inside of me, telling me that he was ejaculating his seed into my womb. We lay there, coupled together, panting in post-orgasmic bliss as my mind raced. 'What had I just agreed to do?' After a few minutes of cuddling, I felt his cock begin to deflate, and finally slip from my vagina.   “That was trippy. I almost never cum like that from fucking, and never like that unless I’m on top. You really got to me. Thank you.”“I know. You really enjoyed imagining the dance floor, didn’t you?”  I gave him a playful smack on his ass and answered simply, “Don’t be a brat. I played along for your benefit. It’s called role play.   Now, I need a shower and then you need to buy me breakfast.”   I tried to dismiss the promise I agreed to while under the throes of my climax. Coming soon: Chapter 3 - I grant my husband's birthday wish Especial thanks to Lisa and Don whose edits, proofreading, and input have greatly improved the quality of this story.       

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