Our Catholic faith and Jesuit tradition call us to tread the pathways taken by the Prince of Peace, daring us to embrace multi-cultural openness and inter-religious dialogue. A dissertation of how an agreement between the GRP and MILF must be done in order to have peace, developments and long lasting solutions to the terrorism in Mindanao. The third dimension is very important. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes. It does not define how these revenues are to be calculated.

April 2, at 7: Beyond rhetoric and soundBites. The Bangsamoro Basic Law needs time. In Munich, there is a monument to Bavarian military heros, the Feldherrnhalle. My old man once said:

March 31, at 3: April 2, at 8: To me that issue falls under my item 3. Why was such a cockeyed BBL approved for issue in the la place. Huwag nang patagalin pa ang pagkamit nitong katarungang panlipunan. Lourdes Sereno, now SC Chief, three justices who I look up to for their principles and clarity of analysis.

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I further agree that State and Church should be separate. The blog is not an advocacy of any particular cause.

I was not thinking of the legal form of government federalism or other that the Bangsamoro entity would take. One of them, son of our gardener, an electrician who stole electricity from UP, studied to become an electronics engineer and last thing I heard from my former yaya he was at Intel.


This is why I wrote this. Article VII Section 9 states that a Bangsamoro Electoral Code will be defined, but does not clarify who is allowed to vote in Bangsamoro, making it possible to exclude non-Muslims.

On the Bangsamoro Basic Law

If one is looking at it baasic a Macchiavellian point of view — many peace treaties in the past were sealed by trading hostages who were then punished if the treaty was broken. Effectively this means that the Republic has little control over what possible assistance may come from overseas.

Suddenly, without the knowledge and consent of the Lumads, the Executive branch has erased their identity as separate and distinct indigenous peoples. Remove all unnecessary encroachments into the national government. It is important for every informed citizen to read it: Missed many good experiences there.

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D na ba nung sixties? The solution for me is… individual and social transformation outside of organized religion. It is not true for the national government, and it will be farthest from the truth for Bangsamoro. Almost 20 years later I am close to reaching that goal, I am almost ready, the Philippines is close to ready.

March 31, at 5: Bagnsamoro fact that the BBL mentions Filipino only once or twice and the Republic of the Philippines not one single time does mean something to me, just a few changes and you have the Basic Badic of a Malaysian state, immediately applicable.


bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

How to make alliances for powers on lower levels as education, economic entities…. Saying it is one thing but enforcing it is another thing. March 30, at 2: Personally, I find looking into the future great fun.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

You are here Home. A critical analysis on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, this article also poses reasons why the Bangsamoro Basic Law is a violation of the Constitution. The foot should be the PH and the door should be the Bangxamoro. It is the eternal question with clear arguments pro and contra by the old Greeks. Checking for constitutionality and going for charter change is a job for lawyers.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

The Lumads have lived in Mindanao long before the arrival of Islam and Christianity. If somebody could please make a Table of Contents at least for the Articles and major parts, it would be very helpful. Probably a decade before I was looking at the Irish and Protestant conflict in Ireland as baeic model for how to resolve the conflicts in our country.

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