Congratulations for getting short-listed. Was it right for Sasikala to take reigns into her hands without being democratically elected? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. S Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Do you know what trade deficit is?

If you do not practice writing essays, you will face problem on the day of IIFT essay writing round. My panel consisted of two men M1 and M2 and a lady L1. There were two male panelists M1 and M2 and one female panelist F1 F1: You are into Quality Assurance. Phil in Agriculture M.

Your academic grades seem to be on a downward trajectory. Due to all this, Ford was not perceived as a cut-throat businessman but rather as someone respected in society. We were given 5 minutes to prepare and the discussion went on for around 15 minutes after that.

IIFT Essay Topics | IIFT GD Topics | IIFT Personal Interview Questions

If you want to score high marks in IIFT essay writing, you need to write effectively with proper grammar. It will confuse the evaluator. Give 3 reasons to substantiate your answer.

Given the current scenario, you should expect the following topics:.

How to Ace IIFT 2017 Essay Writing?

Do advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages? There was a reference to Diwali in my form What are the side effects of celebrating this festival? D in Science MD M. So that went on and someone was asked to wrap up the discussion.


Percent Cracker Hacks: How Should One Prepare for IIFT GD-PI

Topics are not necessarily economics or foreign trade heavy but you must be ready for such topics since it is a Foreign trade institute. This was followed by the Group Discussion.

It will improve your time management skills. You are given a topic and then given a few minutes time to prepare your essqy. There were 12 of us in the case study. How will you prevent it? So write what you genuinely are don’t try to fake it because hd will see what you actually are when you attend the interview.

Apparently, the waiting period for the Model T could extend up to a couple of years. Typically, interview questions essat be of different types, like a personality-based question, which focus on the strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures and goals of an individual.

Qualification and criteria for IIFT exam. Their public sector has also scrapped its traditional system of selecting employees based on the qualifications.

iift essay gd pi

The panelists asked all of us to make our opening points within a minute, going around in a clockwise manner. There should be some coverage of general knowledge topics also.


The interview panel was one of the most chilled out interview panels that I have interacted with this season. At this point of time, Henry Ford could have sat back and just watched the money pour in but instead, esay brought about numerous innovations that changed industrial production forever: It checks the written communication skills, knowledge level and logical thinking ability of the candidate.

iift essay gd pi

Knowing the experience of toppers who got admission into IIFT will help candidates appearing for the essay writing round. Btw how bad was demonetisation for your business? In the end suggested me to watch a tv series about numbers called “Numbers”. Journey of Indian actors.

iift essay gd pi

Do you think Tesla cars environment friendly? Answered Aug 11, D in Agriculture M.

Count the word count and see if it has touched Why do you think it is this way? Congratulations for getting short-listed.

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