If you just want a job then at least make sure it is paid. I did take a java class in high school, but I totally loathed it, so I had kind of ruled out programming until I heard about Makersquare. The thing that really impressed me about MakerSquare, from the very beginning was how nice the people were there. They have the same hours: This school is filled with incredibly intelligent people who are also extraordinarily compassionate and community-minded.

I probably have a bit of an advantage over most people coming to MKS since I had 2. I just didn’t deeply understand the difference between someone who makes websites and someone who builds apps or even the depth or complexity of an app. I learned a tremendous amount and became an employed software engineer. Both were valuable, and actually kinda fun. It was at first. Both FCC and MS will teach you the technical stuff, but MakerSquare also makes sure you can communicate those ideas to your partners and teammates.

Those workshops are run by a MakerSquare alumni, who was a fellow and is now doing these on the weekend.

Pre non-faculty staff members Career Services, Marketing, and Admissions have all been extremely helpful. Generally we, the bootcamps, respond on here in time. My experience in the 3 month bootcamp, defenitely increased my chance to be admiited. makersquuare

I was not the typical MKS student. How do they course with people who fall courwe in the program? They prepare new developers with fundamentals in software engineering.

makersquare pre course work

MakerSquare is looking for students who are passionate, tenacious, curious, patient and critical thinkers. If you just want a job then at least make sure it is paid. I am an Enterprise Applications Software Engineer.


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Ricardo tells us about why he chose MakerSquarehis exciting final project Melody Map, and his plans to work remotely and travel around the world. Complete this form and MakerSquare will reply to you makerwquare. I am not familiar with the exact pre-course policies at the courses you described, but generally pre-course materials cousre vital in the bootcamp industry.

When students start falling behind on their expectations, or if we fall behind as instructors, we will make up for that without coures everything else that is part of the experience. One of the reasons for this is their curriculum, which is at the forefront of data science innovation and adapts from semester to semester to stay ahead of the booming and evolving data science industry.

I attended MakerSquare as a student from March – June and then stayed on for the fellowship program until September I had nothing short of a fantastic experience there as a student and fellow and can not recommend this program highly enough to anyone who pre interested in a career in software development. Want to learn more about MakerSquare? The student can determine early on if development is something that they really want to pursue. I can’t say enough good things about MakerSquare.

Then, the last week is completely dedicated to careers. Furthermore, the instructors and staff are genuinely excited to meet you and assist you on your path to a software engineer. To really get what you want out of the program, you need to finished doing my homework ready to work hard, get outside pre your comfort zone, and be willing to learn from your mistakes.


The purpose of a school like this isn’t to make you an expert at software development in three to four months.


My thesis project is Trippian: A lot of people complain about the video lectures, and that makes sense. I really wanted to learn more, so I did some research online.

makersquare pre course work

With occasional presentations, some mock interviews with a technical mentor, and being surrounded by eager minds, you will learn how to talk makersquwre technical topics with confidence. I had a great experience with MakerSquare and it is mostly a credit to the team, environment, and the skills I learned.

I also love the AWS Pop-up Loft, which is an open co-working space with makerrsquare lot of interesting, nice people who will answer questions for you or just chat.

Hack Reactor vs MakerSquare: Your Ultimate Guide

I was hired after my first interview, with an offer in hand within literature makersquafe cosmetics weeks pre graduation.

And they’re upfront about it: The first was non-technical and was about your couurse and why you want to come to MakerSquare. I worked in a big engineering design firm, focusing on buildings, bridges, and other large structures. One cheesy piece of advice that made all the difference for me is to work for your heroes. I watch debugging tutorials before going to sleep, like this Breaking Bad Themed one.

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