What is the effect on the intellectual property that I create? In addition, all students, graduate or undergraduate, are governed by specific University policies. Preparation and submission of thesis Preparation. I have also spoken to several alumni of your university. If you cant keep to the word limit for a statement of purpose, they may be worrying that you will write a page thesis when pages was the limit. Experience has taught us that early discussion of matters relating to intellectual property can help the participants establish comfortable collaborations and minimize conflict. Hard-bound thesis submission form received after final approval of thesis examination.

In this model, only contributors to the form or expression of the work qualify; those supplying ideas normally do not. However, it provides that where a work is created by an employee in the course of his or her employment, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, the employer is the first owner of the copyright. The intent of this booklet, prepared by the School of Graduate Studies, is to address issues associated with intellectual property that arise in the most varied of circumstances, across all settings at the University of Toronto in which graduate education occurs. Your research team may have a policy on sharing of data within the lab. If the student anticipates concerns on this matter, he or she should inquire in advance of choosing the professor as a supervisor.

The reference style shall follow the SchoolCollege format. An inventor may offer to assign his or her rights to the University or otherwise appoint the University as his or her representative for commercialization of the invention.

There, a “joint author” is technically someone who has collaborated on a work in which the contributions of the various authors are not distinct from one another. Supervisor Defence Date Convocation Ceremony Deadline Dates refer to the sessional dates in SGS calendar for submission deadlines for ceremonies, choose the appropriate ceremony – submissiom or spring. Theis a guideline, co-authorship should be recognized only where the individuals have participated in a significant way in at least two of the following aspects of the research:.

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I am employed as a research assistant, teaching assistant, or other type of employee of the University. There will be a final format check when the required printed pages see below are submitted. If your work was done as part of an ongoing research project, it should be expected that your results can be used, with appropriate attribution, in furthering the research activities of the supervisor and others working in the same laboratory or research group e.


By submitting your thesis or dissertation for academic credit, you represent that overall it is your own original work. The Copyright Policy applies to all works in which copyright subsists, except for computer software not designed for instructional purposes. Graduate students at the University of Toronto should familiarize themselves at the start of their research program and during their graduate education with these general guidelines and with specific University policies related to inventions and other intellectual property see Appendix 1.

Moreover, if a research sponsor has rights to own or to license the results of the research, this may determine what freedom you and the other inventors or authors have regarding what will happen to the results of the research.

I am applying for the Central European University, based on the reputation this University has in the academic community world-wide. For information on a specific program and its application deadlines, please refer to the departmental websites andor contact the program coordinators below:.

The University’s policies modify the application of this generally applicable principle as noted above. The University has policies that deal at length with specific aspects of intellectual property and the conduct of research.

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However, students should be aware that some professors may claim the right of first authorship for themselves. At the outset of nun project, your supervisor should disclose these restrictions to you and the advisory committee and determine if the work is suitable for thesis research. To ascertain which of these conditions apply, you should be aware of which organization is funding the research you do and what ownership rights the organization has on the results of your work.

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Under the University’s affiliation agreements with the teaching hospitals, the policy of the institution on whose premises the invention was made governs. Normally, the supervisor, in ssgs with his or her co-authors, will make the decision as to when or whether a co-authored manuscript should be submitted for publication and to what journal. This may be the author or it may be the publisher of an academic journal.


mun sgs thesis submission

However, a requisite of co-authorship is work that involves an original contribution as understood by that discipline. There are various forms of legal protection, but the two which are most likely to be relevant in the University environment are copyright and patents.

Where the terms of funding include a grant of rights in resulting intellectual sub,ission, all project participants will normally be asked to sign an agreement in which they indicate that they have been made aware of the funding terms and agree to abide by them.

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Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies. ETSU offers a wide array of accredited programs, courses and degrees for you to choose from. Both policies are administered by the Office of the Vice-President, Research.

Susan Pfeiffer Dean Submissiion, Introduction Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto.

Contributors to the original ideas in a project are typically given the right of joint authorship of publications that report on the results of the research. Sections of this page.

mun sgs thesis submission

The student has to fill in the form which can be downloaded from the student portal, printed. Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto.

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Still submlssion organizations, such as some charitable associations or foundations, or provincial Centres of Excellence e. For current policies, guidelines, forms, and useful website links, please visit the website of the Office of the Vice-President, Research at the University of Toronto and The Innovations Group.

Submission Guide In order to participate in Revocation and be certified for graduating with honors from the South Carolina Honors College, students are required to submit a final copy of the revised thesis projectpaper post-defense to the Honors College. However, research data are considered to be an invention under the University’s Inventions Policy.

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