Posted by Unknown at I recommend taking the PIDP courses in sequence because the curriculum builds upon past lessons and resources. For me, being a reflective practitioner means applying a learner-focused approach to my reflection. Learning how to do a needs assessment to help determine what the course should include. There is a lot of reflecting in the PIDP!

This leads him to create instructor feedback forms, which he gives to his learners weekly. They shared personal experiences what worked, and did not work for them. If it doesn’t work learn from it and make the correct changes. Notify me of new comments via email. Amazingly enough it actually turned out way better than I had expected so I decided to submit it along with the lesson plan.

Initially, I thought I was a behaviourist because cappstone is a vocation that requires strict knowledge and skills: Prior toI would make lists of what I needed to cover in my instruction, but it was not organized; I did not have a clear plan of activities instructor and learneror a timeline. She explained that each PIDP assignment is designed to meet learning outcomes and not to torture learners.

ABC’s of Medical Radiation TechnoloG: My thoughts on the PIDP courses

What intrinsic value does learning possess? I was glad when Karen was appointed my Capstone advisor.

PIDPInstructional Strategies, introduced how instruction should be delivered so that goals and outcomes are met. They shared prjoect experiences what worked, and did not work for them. To discover that templates exist to assist in designing a curriculum was extremely helpful.


Her response was receptive and professional. What brought me to the program?

pidp capstone project

Foundations of Adult Education – taking next and is my last course before the capstone. I want my learners to trust me, and I want my items to reflect instruction. Being organized and having clear explicit outcomes. We did this exercise out of class and learned what a difference an environment can be on a learning setting.

Reflection on the PIDP

Terminologies, methodologies and reading materials all seem so remote and foreign. In general, I have enjoyed all the classes because I see the overlap of the material and how practical it is. The forums in were at times invasive and all-consuming, and I had to turn off email notifications on my cell phone to maintain the boundary between course-work and the rest of my life! Creating a blog is actually fairly easy and can be very useful as it pjdp a place to record thoughts and ideas and hopefully get input from others.

For example, Capstkne had never created a feedback instrument before, and he highlighted structural problems with some items.

pidp capstone project

My current practice has evolved in the use of digital technology over the past decade exponentially. You are commenting using your Google account. Make learning about their success at meeting or exceeding goals and outcomes. I met other educators from different backgrounds and vocations, and I learned a lot from their candid feedback.

Perhaps not knowing what exactly the outcome would be kept me engaged and stayed alert throughout this journey. How can we properly digest information within the pace of our busy lives? There is so much more that I could have included. I have learned again the value of relationships and the trust and authenticity that must be built to have a positive learning environment.


PIDP Capstone Project | My Learning Journey

Brian shared a wealth of student exemplars; these projects from former students helped me immeasurably, because I could see, by example, what I could do! Carl Rogers discovered that the most effective facilitators had a high level of regard for their learners I have learned about how my actions affect the students and the value of relationships.

Where have I taught in the past? Can the student become the teacher? I had other assignments and projects that were due, and that had greater grading significance than the reflection assignments.

How will this educational experience inform my professional practice? What am I currently teaching? This is an instructor in training blog, come along for the journey and watch as a new instructor is built!

Amazingly some of these ideas paid off well while others fell flat in my face.

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