One patient in the placebo group could not continue Figure 15 treatment due to allergic contact dermatitis. Antiproliferative effect on liver cells of rats induced by DMBA. Viral culture on D7 indicated a decrease of infected patients from Accelerated wound healing rate, less scar width, less inflammatory cells at granulation tissue, more collagen with angiogenesis. The average pain scores of the treated and comparable for age, sex, pain, and itching scores, proportion placebo groups were 1. Biological activities Antihypertensive and cardioprotective activity Hypertension is a key risk factor for several cardiovascular diseases including coronary vascular disease and stroke Lu et al.

Lesions completely control groups were The laboratory evidence directed us to carry on the clinical study. It has found its way around the world and is widely used as an accepted medicine for diabetes, HTN, and elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, several flavonoids were found in the extract. There were 10 patients

To improve the efficacy result of this herbal gel for the treatment of recurrent herpes labialis, we recommend the change of gel base to reduce the irritation and increase the potency of it.

In addition, several flavonoids were found in the extract. In a study on skin damage, the antiphotoaging property of G. Profile of the respondent is important to identify in order to determine if the collected information fit the study being conducted. We found that the extract tolerate the symptoms without disruption of the treatment.


Phenolic compounds Chlorogenic acid Li et al.

thesis about gynura procumbens

Besides, the further studies conducted has proven that the treatment of G. It was approved by using 0. The isolation of aqueous methanol F2 and the methanol F3 fractions resulted in four antiherpetic components, that is, 2 from F2 Figure 1Table 1 and 78and 9 from F3 Figure 2Table 1. The extracts of the leaf is proven to be the substance that can reduce the sugar level in the blood.

The extract did not significantly suppress glucose levels in normal rats. Other pathways explored in the research include experiments on the antidiabetic effect of G. Gynura procumbens Health Tea.

Antiherpetic Effects of Gynura procumbens

Glycoconjugates and peptides — Hoe et al. The plant leaf is commonly consumed and scientifically it has been shown to be safe for consumption Rosidah gynurw al. Study results suggest the ethanolic leaf extract of Gynura procumbens promotes ulcer protection as shown by significant reduction of ulcer area, histologic decreases in ulcer areas, with absence or fynura of edema and leucocyte infiltration of submucosal layer.

Foreign Studies According to Dr. By Muhammad Asif Iqbal.

Add to collection s Add to saved. Complex synergistic and antagonistic effect of flavonoids which affect the immunostimulator and immunosuppressant properties. It is called ashitaba Angelica keiskei and it hails from the rocky shores of several Japanese islands. Add this document to collection s.

A Gynura procumbens toothpaste invention consists

Flavonoids — Agustina et al. Reduced systolic blood pressure in hypertensive rats. Dates in order to subpassage culture again.


thesis about gynura procumbens

Serial 2-fold dilutions of the agout Post-treatment to determine the inhibitory activity of sample in the maintenance medium were added to Vero intracellular viral replication: All culture tubes of samples, positive and gybura area every two hours on the first day and four times a day control were incubated and examined for cytopathic effect on the following days until the lesion healed.

Inhibition of angiogenesis on chick CAM embryo. Biological activities of Gynura procumbens and its main bioactive constituents that contributed to the biological activities.

Increased sperm count, improved sperm mobility, reduced sperm mortality and increased testicular LDH. In the treated group, the average time for full crusting was 4. Co-chemotherapy of sambung nyawa Gynura procumbens Lour.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The results of the double-blind randomized, controlled clinical trial of Gynura procumbens gel product. The test concentrations should not exceed the MNTD because the cultured cells would be damaged. Short term 10 weeks treatment of the ethanolic extract was found to suppress the progression of nitroquinoline 1-oxide-induced tongue carcinogenesis during initiation phase. Gynura procumbens and blood pressure in the rat:

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