The honors program involves a completing a year-long research project in your senior year a under the supervision of a faculty member b completing a second term of statistics, c participating in a year-long seminar PSYC designed especially for Psychology Honors majors, and d participating in the Undergraduate Psychology Research Fair in the Spring semester, at which honors students present a poster and give a minute talk about their research. Psychology is used for independent study projects involving only scholarly library research and does not satisfy the requirement. Effective Fall of , no psychology course taken at another U. Therefore, it makes sense to take such small courses fairly early in one’s program. The non-psych courses cannot be used to fulfill any of the core distribution requirements in the major. That office can provide information on both summer and longer-term employment and internships. However, a student should seek advice as to whether this degree of specialization is warranted at the undergraduate level, and students who have never had the seminar will be given admission preference if the seminar is over-subscribed.

Rules Governing Registration Holds. Your Psychology Major Worksheet must be completed prior to your advising meeting and brought with you to the meeting. A copy of this paper must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the end of the term before a grade is submitted to the Registrar. See the department website for detailed information about Advance Registration. All and courses have as their product a written paper. This means that no student except transfer students may receive credit for a psychology course taken before coming to Penn, nor may any student who is currently enrolled at Penn receive Psychology credit for courses taken at other institutions over the summer months.

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Dan Swingley, Director of Undergraduate Studies dus psych. If one is to benefit from such independent study, it is best to have completed a statistics course earlier. Students should take the time to plan their undergraduate years thoughtfully and carefully.


Further information about the Department thhesis the field of psychology can be found at our website: Moreover, many graduate programs want students who have had research experience as an undergraduate. The usual procedure is for the student to meet with the faculty member and decide on the general nature of the project.

Such independent study courses are designated Psychology Many psychology majors will wish to continue their training beyond their undergraduate degree. Psychology at Penn may be studied as a core scientific discipline in its own right, or in conjunction with many other fields of inquiry, including cognitive science, biology, philosophy, linguistics, and sociology.

Finally, e a total of 15 cu’s in psychology is required. Double Counting of Courses. To declare a Psychology Major you must meet with Dr. Departmental Honors are available to majors who have especially strong academic records.

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Students interested in advanced training in clinical bb would benefit from some clinical experience obtained as an upwnn activity either during the year or in the summer. Psychology is used for independent study projects involving only scholarly library research and does not satisfy the requirement.

It is an integrated treatment of the scientific basis of the field, and its content is assumed, but not duplicated, in the other psychology courses. The declaration of the major involves these steps: Unless special permission is given, no more than two psychology courses can be counted towards the major from a term abroad.

upenn bbb thesis

Frequently, this information can be obtained from the web page of the institution you expect to attend. This one-semester course provides initial contact with the facts and basic concepts that underlie the bb as a whole. Five 5 of the total credits towards the Psychology major must be Penn classes taken in the Penn Psychology Dept.


When the topic of a seminar changes, a student may enroll a second time.

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While additional seminars are not required for the major, any well-conceived uenn will include them. With these exceptions, no course from any other department at Penn or any other domestic institution can count toward Penn’s Psychology major. For this reason, students are strongly advised to complete statistics relatively early in their education, if possible in the sophomore year.

Junior Year Three lecture courses One level seminar some juniors complete their research requirement: The key to admission to many advanced programs is the obtaining of strong letters of recommendation.

Many of these courses have more applicants than can be accommodated, and admission is based on an application process. Courses below the level will not count towards the major. Thesos courses are very challenging and may include extensive readings.

upenn bbb thesis

Your Psychology Major Worksheet must be completed prior to your advising meeting and brought with you to the meeting. Rules Governing Registration Holds. Skip to main content. Please visit the department’s website for a complete listing of the Psychology faculty. A list of Department faculty and their research interests can be found under Faculty with Appointments in the Department of Psychology Statistics.

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