In April , on the recommendation of the Academic Board, St. It enriches the core aspect of user education and collection exploitation. It should represent a perfect platform to conduct bibliometric analysis of citations. The Contents page gives the Academic Librarian the initial entry into a content analysis of the thesis. I understand that copying this thesis may constitute an infringement of the author’s rights, unless done with the written consent of the author or in accordance with provisions of the Copyright Act which expressly permit copying without the author’s consent.

In short the bibliography is a great tool for scholarly endeavours on the part of Academic Librarians. Perhaps the most significant of these is the creation of new knowledge. A co—ordinator of theses was identified to watchman these areas. Augustine Library created an electronic on—line database for University of the West Indies theses. Durability depends on the choice of binding and quality of the paper used.

Research Degrees involve independent study, assisted by a Supervisor, and the production of a thesis. The statutes deal with the university’s modus operandi. While ensuring that all entries in the bibliography conform to the Style Manual appropriate to the discipline under review, the bibliography ought to be regarded by Librarians as a significant source of academic scholarship.

Theses, primary source materials, are all about original knowledge.

Office of Graduate Studies and Research | The University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica

RClarke [at] library [dot] uwi [dot] tt. Welcome to your new Drupal website! It must be of a satisfactory literary standard and must be suitable for publication as a thesis of the University of the West Indies.


Thezis Campus for the three—year period to Examination of thesis—regulations governing the appointment of Examiners; oral examination. Table of Postgraduate Enrollment St. Microfilming—declaration permitting reproduction of thesis in microform. A deposited thesis may not therefore be copied without the permission of the author and of the Library in which the copy is deposited.

The Abstract is the perfect navigating tool to the Academic Librarian. All programmes aim at providing exit qualifications at Guidee Level. Checking is done in accordance with a structured Thesis Approval Check List which comprises the following: The oldest of the three campuses is Mona, Jamaica.

Harrod, Leonard Montague ed.

uwi thesis guide mona

You may also post at the Drupal forumor view the wide range of other support options available. The regulations stipulate that “the thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power.

All matters relating to research programmes and thesis presentation come under the purview of the Graduate Studies Section of the Registrar’s Office. A Thesis Guide was produced by the Admissions Office in collaboration with the Library incorporating inputs from the Universities of London and Edinburgh with wide—ranging local modifications.

To assist the process the Main Library changed the focus of the existing postgraduate seminars to reflect on techniques of literature search; report writing; note taking; bibliographic references. The Cave Hill, Barbados, campus was established in having Law as its main focus.

The University of the West Indies, Mona

The procedures and methodology are the same. Augustine campus of The University of the West Indies for some two decades, is thesis checking. Other Campuses St. Augustine has sustained its routine methodology for microfilming theses.


uwi thesis guide mona

Each of the three campuses has its own programme and methodology in relation to thesis checking and preservation. Following its approval the University Academic Committee endorsed a recommendation from the Board for Higher Degrees mandating the Library to scrutinise all approved theses and report appropriately on their preliminaries title page, abstracts, table of contents etc.

The rationale for this project stemmed from the university’s thwsis to preserve the many theses and nona which have been held in typescript for several years, some of which date as far back aslong before the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture ICTA and the University College of the West Indies were hwi and the University of the West Indies became an independent institution. It facilitates bibliographical control and services. Other Campuses St.

uwi thesis guide mona

Phil moma 41 50 M. It covers journal articles, conference proceedings, reports of selected bodies and theses presented to the University of the West Indies. The University Council appoints as University Librarian one of the Librarians responsible for the administration of the library services of a campus.

Table of Contents—purpose and nature, arrangement.

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