Not a MyNAP member yet? A, B, and C. There is an additional caveat for certain precursor chemicals insofar as they come in a diverse range of concentrations when contained in commercial products or bulk mixtures. Ratings for this criterion introduced an element of professional judgment. Limitations of precursor availability also dictate usage, independent of the properties of the explosives they can make; some chemicals are simply not available in large quantities. In this situation, the use of covert S VBIEDs does not make sense anymore, as they most likely would be disabled before reaching the target.

For a fuller list of food products, refer to Figure Second, the committee eliminated certain chemicals on the basis of ubiquity. Email it to a friend! Such materials were not accessible in the United Kingdom, but PIRA was able to obtain farm chemicals to replace the dynamite. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. This report examines current United States and international regulation of the chemicals, and compares the economic, security, and other tradeoffs among potential control strategies.

The original document contains color images. Under the second criterion, past usage of a precursor was taken vbid an indicator of its continued potential to be applied in IEDs in the present and future. Explosives used against aviation targets historically have been military formulations due to their reliability and power, although recent terrorist plots against aircraft have used HMEs, wtudy below the mass seen in PBIEDs.

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Page 29 Share Cite. The committee assigned each chemical either a higher or lower priority for each criterion. IS are an exceptional case though. Responding narrowly to these events, both sfudy United Kingdom and the United States increased controls on dynamite.

The evolution of Suicide Car Bombs examined | AOAV

This shows that they have a good understanding of how explosive forces work and that they are actively seeking to increase the effectiveness of the S VBIEDs they manufacture. For many HMEs, more than one synthetic route is possible, involving different precursor chemicals.


The idea is to increase the chances of the SVBIED being able to reach the intended point of detonation, and it is typically used on targets considered to be especially difficult.

vbied case study

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Compiled from open source materials, the handbook promotes a ‘Threats’ perspective and enemy situational awareness of U. Using SVBIEDs studj enable a numerically and technologically inferior force to accurately strike its enemy using large explosive payloads. These are vehicles driven to and detonated near a given target.

vbied case study

This handbook supports operational missions, institutional training, and professional military education for U. There is a well-documented history of explosives production from analogous urea-nitrate salt solutions used in Iraq.

In contrast, nitric acid can be used bbied synthesize a variety of other explosive materials. Terrorists, violent extremists, and criminals often choose IEDs because the ingredients, components, and instructions required to make IEDs are highly accessible. According to the news the car bomb exploded outside a Bank of Greece building in the heart of Athens Thursday, causing damage but no injuries.

By removing precursor chemicals used only in very small amounts and ubiquitous materials, such as food products, the committee narrowed the list of chemicals under consideration to just 28 chemicals, the short list. With each level of difficulty introduced into the process, fewer bombers will be successful in their endeavors. As such, it has become one of the most popular methods of attack for a variety of terrorist and insurgent groups, mainly due to its powerful role as a force multiplier.


AN was soluble in water, vbbied the dolomite diluent was not. This is true not only for the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, but can also be applied to other conflicts where a non-state actor using S VBIEDs gains territorial control. Page 33 Share Cite.

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Ready to take your reading offline? Groups involved in explosive attacks and caze types of explosives employed by each are shown in Figure Second, the committee eliminated certain chemicals on the basis of ubiquity. It was coarse and crystalline and would not absorb an optimum amount of diesel. One such innovation came about after the beginning of the Mosul offensive last year. For the criterion of historical usage, chemicals previously used studyy produce explosives Y were assigned higher priority, and those whose usage was either extremely rare or largely theoretical N were assigned lower priority.

They often use the same or similar vehicle models that are fitted with identical armour kits, and a lot of time the IEDs that make up the main payload are standardised as well. Page 36 Share Cite. The Evolving Tactics of stjdy Terrorist Group The attempt to solve a problem by making policy cbied the midst of or in response to a crisis can create even greater difficulties.

Neither a counterterrorism directive nor anti-terrorism manual, the handbook complements but does not replace training and intelligence products on terrorism.

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