Comment by Adam Sandler posted on on 13 April Comment by Ns posted on on 08 June Grade 4 is equivalent to a C, for example if you get a C in business studies this year it will give 4 points, which is the same points you get from a 4. Grade boundaries will be set so that a new grade 4 is anchored to a C in the old GCSEs, but the exact number of marks for a grade 4 will vary according to how difficult or easy the papers were. This doesn’t sound right to me, can anybody explain as it seems like a low grade for over marks. Marked exemplar from the Summer examinations can now be downloaded from our Online Exam Review website. A level English Language Specification.

Results and Research Results Statistics Research. For those subjects being first awarded in , the bottom of these grades will be aligned with the bottom of grades A, C and G in respectively. This qualification meets regulatory requirements in Wales. Comment by Hannah Bradley posted on on 11 June The grade boundaries will reflect the difficulty of the paper. In your email, please state your centre name , centre number and the number of copies you require.

GCE AS/A English Language (from )

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Comment by A Atkins posted on on 25 May Teacherschildren and parents are continuously in a state of anxiety as exams perentage getting difficult and not even the teachers canpredict what topic areas will appear for mathsscience etc. A level English Literature Specification. Get In Touch Our subject specialists are on hand to answer any of your queries.


I sat foundation level and just wondered what the highest grade I can achieve will be. Extended Project Level 3 Promotional Materials.

AS/A level English Language

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wjec english coursework percentage

Comment by A Atkins posted on on 28 May Comment by lesley barclay posted on on 28 March Benefits Do I qualify? So rather than marking students up or down it should naturally reflect the actual performance they delivered rather than fitting everyone into a distribution curve?

Comment by Gupta posted on on 08 June Comment by Tony Bees posted on on 23 August percentae This equates to a 5. Thank you Link to this comment. Link to this comment.

GCSE grade boundaries in 2018

This website uses cookies to create the best possible browsing experience. NEA support materials are now available within the Related Documents area. Comment by Lisa posted on on 24 August Percentaye it true that a grade 5 English literature will absolve my son of having to retake his language? Each component is clearly organised with different papers for poetry, for drama, for unseen texts and for prose.

wjec english coursework percentage

Comment by harriet posted on on 09 March Sign up here Step-by-step guide to switching to Eduqas Compare and contrast the Eduqas specifications with the other major examination boards and find out why Eduqas is the right choice for your students. Comment by Dinah posted on on 25 August Broad coverage of aspects of language study to meet the interests of all learners Promotes coherent pedagogical approach to delivering the specification.


Digital Resources We offer an extensive range of free digital educational resources. Comment by Kamal posted on on 01 March When will the official boundaries will be released? You may also be interested in Such a huge jump.

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Comment by Cv posted on on 13 June Can you explain why grade boundaries change every year depending on how the population performs, surely if they find an exam difficult or easy that is the true reflection of their abilities? Comment by chrisshadforth posted on on 28 May Comment by Hannah Bradley posted on on 16 August All Course Materials We offer a range of materials to support the teaching and learning of this qualification.

Is possible that courseworkk marks required for a grade 9 in maths Edexcel could increase by over 20 marks if the paper is thought to be easy or would it be a slight increase?

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